Naval Wings were first created in October 1943 following an Order issued that embarked squadrons were to be grouped in numbered wings, as either Fighter or Torpedo Bomber Reconnaissance. 19 naval wings were formed, and saw action in a number of Theatres. Finally, those serving in the Pacific were merged into the new Carrier Air Groups in June 1945, and thre remainder disbanded as their ships returned home.


2nd Naval TBR Wing
1st 828/841 on HMS Implacable, HMS Formidable
2nd 820/849 reformed as No. 2 Strike Wing

3rd Naval Fighter Wing
1st - 808, 886, 897 on HMS Hunter, HMS Attacker, HMS Stalker
2nd - 808, 886, 897; Wing attached to 2nd Tactical Air Force
3rd - 800, 808, 885, 1840; (881, 882 briefly attached), HMS Emperor, HMS Khedive, HMS Ruler, HMS Speaker

4th Naval Fighter Wing
1st - 807/808, on HMS Hunter, 879, 886, HMS Attacker 809, 897, HMS Stalker (not realised).
2nd - 807,809 & 879 on HMS Hunter, HMS Attacker, HMS Stalker

5th Naval Fighter Wing
1839/1844 on HMS Begum, & HMS Indomitable

6th Naval Fighter Wing
1st - 1837 on HMS Atheling & HMS Illustrious
2nd - 1841/1842 on HMS Formidable

7th Naval Fighter Wing
800/804 on HMS Emperor;  881/896 on HMS Pursuer; 882/898 on HMS Searcher

8th Naval TBR Wing
827/830 on HMS Furious, and also HMS Victorious

9th Naval TBR Wing
820/826 on HMS Indefatigable

10th Naval Fighter Wing
1843/1845 in BPF separately on HMS Slinger and HMS Arbiter

11th Naval TBR Wing
822/823 at Ulunderpet, S India

12th Naval TBR Wing
815/817 on HMS Begum

15th Naval Fighter Wing
1830, 1831 & 1833 on HMS Illustrious

21st Naval TBR Wing
810/847 on HMS Illustrious

24th Naval Fighter Wing
887/894 on HMS Indefatigable

30 Naval Fighter Wing
801/880 on HMS Implacable

31st Naval TBR Wing
Proposed to consist of 832/845 for HMS Victorious - cancelled

45th Naval TBR Wing
822/823 on HMS Atheling

47th Naval Fighter Wing
1834/1836 on HMS Victorious

52nd Naval TBR Wing
1st - 815/817 on HMS Victorious/HMS Begum
2nd - 829/831 HMS Victorious




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