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This web information concentrates on the Front Line squadrons 800 series, 1700 series and 1800 series. At a later date the 700 series second line and training units will also be incorporated into this web site. However, information concering service men, POWs and awards etc all include some information about 700 series units as appropriate.

Although British carriers operated squadrons between 1918 and 1937 these were RAF Naval Air Branch squadrons and as such not under Navy control, they are therefore also not listed here. 

Directory of FAA and Commonwealth squadrons

700 series Naval Air squadrons: A list of 700 series training squadrons is available through the Fleet Air Arm Officers Association. 

800 series Naval Air squadrons: the wartime front-line squadrons consisted of the 800 series: 800-819 carrier squadrons, 820-859 spotter reconnaissance and torpedo bomber reconaissance squadrons, 860-879 Commonwealth and allied navy squadrons, 880-899 single-seat fighter squadrons in carriers. 

1700 series Naval Air squadrons: two-seat fighter squadrons, torpedo bomber reconnaissance squadrons, later listed as amphibian bomber reconnaissance squadrons. 

1800 series Naval Air squadrons: dive-bomber and single-seat fighter squadrons. 

Commonwealth and overseas squadrons


Canadian squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RCN, their squadron crests and a synopsis..


Netherlands (see 860 and 861 squadrons)

New Zealand

South Africa

USA and Fleet Air Arm squadrons

Website Directories and Databases
with FAA Squadron information

The Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm. An inventory of the Squadrons with an outline of their Battle honours. 

Robert Horsten's FAA Squadrons

Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm squadrons of today with historic profiles.

Canadian squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RCN, their squadron crests and a synopsis.

Australian FAA squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RAN, their squadron crests and a synopsis.

 New Zealand naval aviation squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RNZN, their squadron crests and a synopsis.

 Netherlands Naval Aviation squadrons The squadrons that were part of the RNN, their squadron crests and a synopsis.

U. S. Navy Patrol Squadrons VPNAVY is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Navy flying "ASW" (VP/VPB) Patrol Aircraft (past and present). VPNAVY has attempted to collect every available piece of information via the InterNet. Everything (and anything) relating to U. S. Navy "ASW" Patrol Squadrons is posted (with permission) on pages "dedicated" to each respective squadron. Currently, over 200 squadrons are represented.

U.S. Navy Fighter, Strike Fighter and Attack Squadrons: Past and Present, a very good and comprehensive listing of current and decommissioned U.S. Navy squadrons.

Website dedicated to U.S. Navy Fighters (Marine Fighters) Homepage

 The official web site of the United States Navy. Detailed website with a history of the Aircraft carrier in the USN, including a US naval aviation squadrons list and history.

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