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Preserved, war Memorials graves and wrecks of Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy  1939-1945

Honour the dead, heed the law, respect our maritime war graves 

Around our shores are the wrecks of ships and aircraft lost in military service in two world wars. Many of these involved loss of life and so should be considered war graves. In 1986 the UK Parliament passed the Protection of Military Remains Act to protect such wrecks, mainly as a result of divers disturbing such war graves. 

However many of Royal Navy aircraft carriers were sunk in enemy action in international waters all round the world. According to International Law, the wrecks of ships which sank in international waters are the property of its country of origin.

The status of most of these wrecks in the international waters is not protected.

In the UK, maritime wrecks and underwater war graves are under the jurisdiction of the UK Government. The UK Maritime Division seeks to preserve and protect our undersea "memorials" to those who died. It now has many diving and non-diving supporters up and down the country, some who still mourn those lost in these war graves. It also produces a Register of War Graves at Risk. One Royal Navy aircraft carrier is listed HMS Dasher in the Firth of Clyde (see list).


 Ark Royal II 



Wreck since 15 Nov 1942. Status unknown. Location: Mediterranean - West of Gibraltar


Wreck since 1966. Status unprotected. Location - Pacific (?). Sunk as test target  1966 by USN


Wreck since 17 Sept 1939. Status unknown. Location: Atlantic, 150nm WSW of Mizen Head, Ireland (Ireland)


Wreck since 27 March 1943. Status registered war grave. location: Sea off Arran, Firth of Clyde (UK)

Eagle I

Wreck since 11 August 1942. Location: Mediterranean, North of Algiers (Algeria) 


Wreck since 8 June 1940. Status unknown. Location: Arctic Sea off Norwegian coast (Norway)


Wreck since 9 April 1942. Status unknown. Location: In sea off Trincomolee coast, Ceytlon (Sri Lanka)


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