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Navis Magazine Virtual Reality models eg aircraft carrier

Note!   Unless otherwise indicated, all FS aircraft on this page require Flight Shop    if you are using FS5 or FS5.1; otherwise, they require the free Microsoft   FS6 Flight Shop Converter   (493k) if you currently use FS6

See also Scenery Hall of Fame Quality Freeware Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons including aircraft carriers for the FS and CFS aviation enthusiast. Includes many pages of free downloadable Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator scenery and ships.

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HMS Ark Royal (1940s)
CFS Scenery - H.M.S Ark Royal - Ver. 1.2 - located east of Guernsey Island. This version adds night lighting to the Ark Royal for Night Operations in CFS, was designed for use with Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (ONLY). From Neil Park 
HMS Lowestoft & HMS Great Yarmouth 
CFS Scenery - Escorts for HMS Ark Royal V 1.0 - Every thourgh that the RAF_662 HMS ARK ROYAL looked a bit lonely. Well here's a couple of escorts HMS Lowestoft & HMS GT. Yarmouth. From Dan Mobbs 
FS98/CFS Carriers. FS98/CFS Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers. HMS Ark Royal in the Mediterranean near Gibraltar 1941 and HMS Victorious in the English Channel 1965. You can Land and take off from the carriers. Includes the macros source files. By Paul Mitchell. 
  NAVY OPS FOR CFS Naval Aviation sceneries for CFS website. Downloads includes two sets of US Naval Aviation Sceneries and US aircraft. One download includes two separated carrier groups, now with two realistic WW2 carriers each » New islands with airfields » Non Directional Beacons (NDB) » Moving fuelcar » Many nice 3D objects » Detailed "readme" file for easy installation 
AIRCRAFT CARRIERS - BATTLE GROUPS download page of Scenery Hall of Fame which includes carrier history and free downloads of aircraft carriers and 33 US Aircraft carriers

Campaigns and missions for FAA aircraft
Short CFS campaign which puts you in a fictional Supermarine Seafire Squadron onboard the British Royal Navy's aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal in 1943. Includes the Seafire aircraft (a converted Spitfire). Requires separate download of Neil Park's HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier from the The missions involve takeoff and landing on the aircraft carrier in a Seafire fighter. By Steve Baugh. 614K
CAM = Catapult Aircraft Merchantmen. This is a little mission in the Arctic waters. Your Hurricane is embarked on a CAM, a catapult adapted to a standard convoy ship. You are ready to intercept the long column of german bombers that daily attack your convoy. When done, you have no airport to land! You must splash near your convoy and hope to be rescued! Note: requires Setclass utility to splash on water without destroy your aircraft! By A Paoleschi. 3k
THE TARANTO RAID The Taranto Raid is what gave Yamamoto the idea and inspiration to attack Pearl Harbor, yet the to attacks differ. The British Carrier Illustrious used 21 Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bombers (the Swordfish is a bi-plane) in a attack that lasted 2 days (the attack actually happened before 12:00 midnight, but lasted past that), and unlike Pearl Harbour, the Italians could never recover from the Attack on November 11 and 12, 1940. What is worst, 3 battleships, 1 cruiser, and 2 destroyers, half the Italian fleet, not to mention Italy's industry couldn't produce aircraft fast enough, so how could they replace the ships sunk. (125KB) James Sharpe 
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