British Pacific Fleet Carriers




Listed in order of their arrival, the RN Fleet carriers joined the BPF as follows:

Indomitable    March 1942 Eastern Fleet, BPF November 1944
Formidable     March 1942 Eastern Fleet, BPF March 1945
Illustrious    BPF October 1944
Victorious     US Pacific Fleet 1943, 3 July 1944
Implacable     Eastern Fleet June 1945
Indefatigable  December 1944

Indomitable was with the Eastern Fleet on 1 March 1942 for operations versus the French forces in Madagascar. She did not come into contact with any Japanese forces nor was there ever any serious intention to commit her to combat. Indomitable was not properly deployed to the British Pacific Fleet until Nov 44. She was docked in Bombay from 3 to 16 November 1944.

Formidable was with Indomitable in March 1942 but she was kept away from the Japanese carriers as Admiral Sommerville knew that to engage them would mean his outright defeat. Formidable joined the British Pacific Fleet in Sydney and relieved Illustrious on 1 Mar 1945.

Illustrious was refitted at Durban between 14 August and 10 October 1944 while she was en route to the Pacific.

Victorious was repaired and refitted in Norfolk until 30 Jan 1943 when she
departed for the Pacific for operations with the US Pacific Fleet. She
was refitted in Pearl Harbor from 9 March-8 April 1943. She returned to
the UK on 1 September 1943 and did not deploy to the Pacific Fleet until 3 July

Implacable was the only RN fleet carrier to avoid battle damage because
she arrived in the Pacific after the end of the Okinawa campaign. She
arrived in Ceylon on 1 April 1945 and commenced 'workups'. She joined the
Eastern Fleet on 1 June 45.

Indefatigable arrived in Colombo on 10 December 1944.


The four light fleet carriers arrival dates:

Colossus      BPF 12 March 1945
Glory         BPF July 1945
Vengeance     BPF June 1945
Venerable     BPF July 1945

Colossus sailed to join the BPF on 12 March 45 and joined the 11th Carrier
Squadron on 26 March 1945. She saw no action.

Glory arrived in Trincomalee on 16 July 1945. She also saw no action.

Vengeance arrived in Colombo on 8 June 1945. She also saw no action.

Venerable transited the Suez Canal on 28 May 45 and arrived in Sydney on
23 July 1945. She saw some action but it came against suicide boats in the
Hong Kong area after VJ Day.


The RN operated 32 CVE of various types and of these only 22 saw service
in the Pacific war. Eleven of these carriers were used as aircraft
ferries for replenishment operations. Only 11 RN Pacific CVE's were
equipped with an air wing and could have engaged in combat operations.

Campania. There was only one ship of this class and it did not see any
service in the Pacific.

Ruler. Fourteen ships of this class saw service in the Pacific. Seven
were configured for operations and the remainder was used as aircraft

Attacker. Eight ships of this class saw service in the Pacific. Five
were configured for operations and the remainder was used as aircraft






Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas
                (CINCPAC/CINCPOA) A16-3/FF12 Serial 0395, 11 February 1946

 Report of Surrender and Occupation of Japan.






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