HMS Albatross

Trials ship

Ex HMAS Albatross (Australia)


Albatross was an Australian seaplane carrier, transferred to the RN in 1938. Similar to the old Ark Royal in general configuration, with flying deck forward, holds beneath. She was converted to a repair ship in 1943, and damaged beyond economical repair in 1944.
Built by Cockatoo, she was laid down 5 May 1926, and launched 23 February 1928, commissioned 23 January 1929. To reserve for refit December 1931, she was again recommissioned in 1932 as a gunnery training ship, until decommissioning to reserve on 26 April 1933 where she remained employed as a dockside seaplane support ship. She was used for various trials in 1936.

With impending war, she was transferred to the RN in 1938, being recommissioned for voyage to the UK on 19 April 1938. Commissioned in RN service as HMS Albatross (I22) 29 September 1938, she served as a trials ship. Decommissioned to reserve 15 December 1938 and used as an accommodations ship until recommissioned 25 August 1939. She operated as a trade protection ship off West Africa and in the Indian Ocean. Decommissioned to reserve 5 November 1943, then converted to a repair ship for escorts and minesweepers and recommissioned 17 April 1944; rearmed with eight 2 pound AA and six 20 mm. Torpedoed 11 Aug 1944; judged not worth repairing. Placed in reserve 30 August 1944 but recommissioned as a minesweeper depot hulk November 1944. To reserve for disposal July 1945. Sold for conversion to a luxury cruise ship in 1946 but conversion plans cancelled and resold as Hellenic Prince in 1948, becoming an refuge transport ship. Scrapped at Hong Kong starting 12 August 1954.

Battle Honours
RN 1938-45 (also RANAS Nowra, NSW 1946-date): Atlantic 1939-43, Normandy 1944.

No information

Squadrons and Aircraft
Squadrons and aircraft in 1939-1945.

Associations and Reunions
No information

Ship name HMS Albatross. Ex HMAS Albatross
Class  -
Type Seaplane Carrier
Ships in Class  -
Launched  -
Tonnage Displacement: 6,350 tons full load
Engines Propulsion: Steam turbines, 4 boilers, 2 shafts, 12,000 shp
Speed in Knots 21 knots
Armament Armament: 4 4.7/50, 4 2 pound AA
Crew Complement 450
Length (ft/inches) Dimensions: 443 x 61 x 17 feet
Beam (ft/inches)  -
Draught (ft/inches)  -
Flight Deck length (ft/inches)  -
Flight Deck width (ft/inches)  -
Armour none
Number of aircraft carried 9 seaplanes
Fate of carrier Scrapped at Hong Kong starting 12 August 1954.

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