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A-Z list of Aircraft Carrying Warships of the Royal Navy

Here is a database of RN ships carrying Fleet Air Arm and Commonwealth aircraft during 1939 till 1945. 

Also see the full index of Aircraft Carriers 1939-1945. 

Complete Index:

The index below includes the Capital ships in which the Walrus, Swordfish, Sea Fox and Sea Otter served 1939-1945. The aircraft were catapult launched on Capital Ships including:

HMS Achilles
HMS Ajax
HMS Anson
HMS Arethusa
HMAS Australia
HMS Barham
HMS Belfast
HMS Bermuda
HMS Berwick
HMS Birmingham
HMAS Canberra
HMS Ceylon
HMS Cornwall
HMS Cumberland
HMS Devonshire
HMS Dorsetshire
HMS Duke of York
HMS Edinburgh
HMS Effingham
HMS Emerald
HMS Enterprise
HMS Exeter
HMS Fiji
HMS Galatea
HMS Gambia
HMS Glasgow
HMS Gloucester
HMAS Hobart
HMS Hood
HMS Howe
HMS Jamaica
HMS Kent
HMS Kenya
HMS King George V
HMNZS Leander
HMS Liverpool
HMS London
HMS Malaya
HMS Manchester
HMS Mauritius
HMS Neptune
HMS Newcastle
HMS Newfoundland
HMS Nigeria
HMS Norfolk
HMS Orion
HMS Penelope
HMAS Perth
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Renown
HMS Repulse
HMS Resolution
HMS Rodney
HMS Sheffield
HMS Shropshire
HMS Southampton
HMS Suffolk
HMS Sussex
HMAS Sydney
HMS Trinadad
HMS Uganda
HMS Valiant
HMS Warspite
HMS York

Walrus being launched from HMS Rodney

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