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A-Z list of Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Navy built during WW2 but completed after the end of the war

Here is a database of Fleet Air Arm and Commonwealth aircraft carriers built during 1939 till 1945 but not yet commissioned by the end of the war. For each of the aircraft carriers listed below, are Photographs, Profiles, a Short Description and History of Development (5 to 40 lines), Technical Data, Battle Honours and Operational History, Squadrons, Surviving or Preserved Aircraft Carriers and any Associations are given. The lists are sorted alphabetically by the names used by the Royal Navy. 

Also see the full index of Aircraft Carriers 1939-1945. 

Complete Index:

Here you find a complete index of all records in the database, in alphabetical order. 

Ark Royal III  (built 1943-1955)
Audacious (HMS Eagle III built 1942-1952)
Bulwark  (built 1944-1954)
Centaur (built 1944-1953)
Eagle III (built 1942-1952)
Hercules (INS Vikrant built 1943-1961)
Hermes (INS Viraat built 1944-1959)
Leviathan (built 1942-1946)
Magnificent (HMCS Magnificent built 1943-1948)
Majestic (HMAS Melbourne built 1943-1955)
Ocean (built 1942-1945)
Perseus (built 1942-1945) 
Powerful (HMCS Bonaventure built 1943-1956)
Terrible (HMAS Sydney built 1943-1949)
Theseus (built 1942-1946)
Triumph (built 1942-1946)
Warrior (HMCS Warrior)(built 1942-1946)


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