AIR-SEA RESCUE 1939-1945



SEA RESCUE - Air crew rescued by picket ships, rescue ships and crash boats, and submarines





and Number of Airmen Rescued



Abdiel 3

Acrington 3

Antelope 3

Arran 3

Atherstone 3

Atmah 3

HMNS Amaropoora 1

Aurora 1

Aylmer 1

Barnham 1

Beagle 1

Bedouin 2

Bickerton 3

USS Bluefish 1

Braverhill 2

Brazen 2

Bulldog 3

Busiris 1

MS Borgund 3

Clover 9
(3 rescues)

Dido 2
(2 rescues)

Diamond 3

Duncan 11
(5 rescues)

Echo 5
(3 rescues)

SS Empire Peacehaven 2

Encounter 2

Fantastique 3

Fanning 3

Fearless 3

Forester 2

Foresight 2

Firedrake 4
(2 rescues)

Foxhound 2

Fusilier 3

Gloucester 3

Gambia 3

Garland 2

Goodson 1

Grenade 5
(2 rescues)

Greyhound 2

HMCS Haida 2

Harrow 1



Hebe 1



Helmsdale 2

Hero 2

HMCS Hespeler 3

Highlander 1

Hotspur 2

Inglefield 3

Iris 1

Ironbound 2

Jervis 2

Jaguar 1

Juno 6
(2 rescues)

Jupiter 3

Kasagra 3

Keren 1

USS Kingfisher 2

Kempenfelt 8
(4 rescues)

Lady Hogarth 3

Lightening 4 (2 rescues)

Largufoss 3



Maori 6 
(2 rescues)


Matchless 1


Maplin 1

Matebele 2

Mathura 3

Meteor 3

Moonstone 3

Nestor 2

Newmarket 1

Nothern Gem 2

Nubian 2

Offa 1

Onslaught 5
(2 rescues)

Opportune 4 (2 rescues)

HMCS Outremont 3

Quality 3

Pathfinder 1

Pringle 1

Puckeridge 1

Queen Olga 1

Quality 2
(2 rescues)

Raider 2

Rambler 2
(2 rescues)

Rapid 2

Rochester 1

Rocket 1

Rotherham 3

Royalist 2
(2 rescues)

HMCS Sackville 3

Saumarez 1

USS Scabardfish 2
(2 rescues)

Scorpion 4
(2 rescues)

Scourge 3

Scylla 9
(3 rescues)

Shah 3

Sheffield 1

Spirit 3

HMAS Stuart 2

Sussex 2

St Syrian 3

Terpsichore 3

USS Toro 3

Triad or Trinidad 2

Troubridge 3


Tucson 1

Tumult or Ulysses 1



Tuscan 1

Ulyses or Tumult 1

Undine 9
(4 rescues)

Vigilant 1

Wessex 4
(2 rescues)

Wakeful 2

HMCS Waskesiu 3

Waterhen 3

Whirlwind 1

Whelp 9
(4 rescues)

Winchelsea 3

Wrangler 1

Wrestler 3

Zodiac 1

Zulu 3







Crash boats 1

(3 rescues)

Rescue launch 14
(7 rescues)

Submarines 4
(2 rescues)

Mercantile 11
(6 rescues)

Destroyer 50
(27 rescues)


(2 rescues)








+487 airmen rescued

+202 rescues

+144 ships

including 6 submarines


Also see list of downed TAGs rescued by ships 1939-1945

Phillips, DW Sub Lt and crew ditched 10 miles off Cyprus, 9.9.41 819 dinghy failed to work, picked up 5 1/2 hr by HMS Abdiel.

Sutherland, FM PO, Tilley, KH Sub Lt, and Jones, JH PO, 813 sqdn, HMS Campania, 8.6.1944, hit rounddown landing, into sea, picked up unhurt by SS Accrington.


Todd, RD Sub Lt, Moon, GP Mid and Dawson, TJ  TAG 813 sqdn operating from North Front Gibraltar, force-landed on Alboran Island near North Africa, 19.4.42 set fire to aircraft, rescued by boat from the destroyer HMS Antelope

PO B Chester and crew okay, 710 sqdn, walrus, 25.11.1941 force landed on sea after propellor shattered, towed back by HMS Arran.

Barlow, A (O)  TAG and crew 887 sqdn shot down by Ju88 31.3.42 rescued by the destroyer HMS Arrow.


Swordfish crew of 810 or 820 sqdn, 18.6.1940 HMS Ark Royal, ditched enroute Gibraltar, crew picked up by HMS Atherstone.


Lock, SW  TAG and crew 812 sqdn dirched Pappa Westray 2.5.41 rescued HMS Atmah

Beer, WGR Mid (pilot)(Sub Lt JHC Ashworth and Sub Lt MA Lambert trapped in rear fuselage and drowned) Albacore, 21.9.1940 827 sqdn, a/s exercise ditched 13m Brough Head, rescued by Walrus P5718 of HMS Shropshire and taken to HMHS Amaropoora

Roberts, PC Sub Lt (Messenger, CRD Lt and Cutler, TG LA killed) 818 sqdn 22.4.40 shot down by Flak Regt 32 over Narvik, crashed N of Narvik, rescued wounded by HMS Aurora.

Shaw, RJ Sub lt, Oakley, MG Sub Lt, and LA TAG, 29.4.44 825 sqdn sea water in petrol on anti-submarine patrol, ditched 15m from base all rescued by HMS Aylmer.

Saunt, WHG Lt Cdr and crew 826 sqdn, Albacore, 7.5.1941, HMS Formidable, armed Recce for fuel convoy, ran out of fuel after 8hrs, ditched astern HMS Barnham which rescued crew.

Lucey, TD Sub Lt rescued, 846 wildcat/martlet sqdn 2.4.1944 ftr HMS Tracker, after struck a U-Boat it was attacking, ditched 73.N, 28.E. Lucey rescued after 1hr 55min by HMS Beagle.


Treen, C Mid and Goble, AET NA 800 9.5.40 flak damaged, force-landed at Haugfjell. The crew survived and walked to Rombaken, rescued by HMS Bedouin.

Perkins, RK Sub Lt, and crew, 836V Flt, 11.12.1944 SS Empire MacColl fell into sea picked up in 14 min by HMS Dewsbury.

Parkin,  TAG 838 sqdn 5.7.1944 rescued HMS Bickerton


Chute, DT Sub Lt corsair, 1836 sqdn, 16.5.1945,  HMS Victorious, Operation Iceberg X, providing CAP from HMS Victorious, strafed barge, stores and transports at Miyako, then hit in port oil cooler, ditched 1m offshore. Picked up by submarine USS Bluefish
American submarine rescue.


Furlong, FC Lt and Hoare, JEM Sub Lt, 800Z Flt, 25.5.1941, fulmar, FTR patrol in Bismarck search, out of fuel, ditched picked up after 36hrs by HMS Braverhill.

Burston, LE PO and Halifax, GW NA1 800 sqdn skua,  13.5.1940 skua fighter patrol off Narvik, forcelanded S of Harstad, rescued by HMS Brazen


Slater, RWQ  TAG and crew 811 sqdn, ditched HMS Biter 20.6.44 rescued by tribal class destroyer HMS Bulldog, the destroyer which in 1941 salvaged a German Enigma machine from a stranded German U-boat U-110.


Towlson, AR Sub Lt 823 sqdn 17.2.1942 ditched in Machrihanish Bay, rescued from dinghy by HMS Busiris after 6hrs.


McBride, VR NA TAG 823 sqdn, MacLachlan, IV Sub Lt 823 sdn (a survivor from the sinking of HMS Courageouos) and Eric Baldwin Mid 823 sqdn after sinking of HMS Glorious 8.6.1940 the Norwegian MS Borgund, also en route from Tromso to
Thorshavn, sighted 21 rafts and recovered survivors at 6815'N, 0220'E and 6759'N, 0342'E.8.  These men were landed at Thorshavn at 1830/13 June and subsequently returned to the UK in HMS Veteran.


Mcewan, JB Sub Lt, Winstanley, JB Sub Lt and Selling, F TAG 835 sqdn 18.4.43 HMS Battler, went over side in dawn take off, rescued HMS Clover, a flower class corvette

Martin, SJ Sub Lt and crew 20.1.1944 846 avenger sqdn, HMS Tracker, into port atwalk on take off, engine broke away, fuselage into sea, picked up by HMS Clover

Wilson, HRD, Sub Lt and Mcgown, EH Sub Lt , 835 sqdn hit island of HMS Nairana, crashed in sea 19.4.1944 recovered by HMS Clover


Roberts, GC Sub Lt 11.1.1945, wildcat, 846 sqdn, HMS Trumpeter, ran out of fuel, after attack by 4 wildcats on a Ju88 which was shot down , ditched and picked up by HMS Dido

Roberts, GC Sub Lt 846 sqdn, wildcat, 12.1.1945 Operation Spellbinder out of fuel after chasing Ju88, ditched astern HMS Trumpeter, picked up by HMS Dido


Crew of walrus L2299, 700 sqdn 11.1.1941, HMS Gloucester, walrus, returned ship to find it under attack by Ju87, ordered to ditch alongside HMS Diamiond and after the crew were rescued it sank the aircraft by gunfire.


2 Crew 808 sqdn 31.10.1940 fulmar embarking HMS Ark Royal, ditched crew picked up by HMS Duncan.

Guy, P Sub Lt and Jones, LA 807 sqdn, 27.9.1941, fulmar, HMS Ark Royal, after attacking S84 shot down in error by HMS Rodney, picked up okay by HMS Duncan.

Guthrie, GCM and Goodman, AT PO, 808 sqdn, fulmar, 27.9.1941, Ark Royal, shot down in error by HMS Rodney, picked up by HMS Duncan.

Shaw, HS Lt, Hutchinson, CL Lt, and Goddard, HT PO, 813 sqdn, 20.2.42, into sea by  HMS Eagle, picked up by HMS Duncan.


Crew 800 sqdn 24.9.40 Operation Menace at Dakar, attack on French warships at Dakar, force-landed on return from fighter patrol, rescued by HMS Echo.

Hankey, RS Lt and 1 crew 810 sqdn force-landed in Dakar harbour during bombing attack on warships 24.9.40, picked up okay by HMS Echo.

Wood, JAF Sub Lt 893 sqdn wildcat/martlet 30.6.1943 engine trouble after catapulting , ditched by HMS Formidable, picked up by HMS Echo.


Stephan, JM Sub Lt and Sub Lt AR Dale 836Y from SS Empire Macalpine, 27.4.1945, over side, picked up okay  by rescue ship SS Empire Peacehaven.


Gray, TE Lt and Clayton, AG LA 803 sqdn fighter patrol in Narvik, damaged He111, then with lack of fuel was forced to land on the shore of Andoya, 14.5.40 picked up by HMS Encounter


Dundas, JH Lt and crew 814 sqdn 13.11.1939 fell over bow of HMS Hermes, picked up by french destroyer Fantastique.


Crew of 832 sqdn, avenger, 1.7.1943 HMS Victorious, ditched crew recovered by destroyer HMS Fanning.


Swordfish crew of 8xx sqdn, 11.7.1941 HMS Ark Royal, ditched, crew picked up by HMS Fearless.


Crew, 803 sqdn Operation Menace attack on French warships at Dakar. Force-landed after having attacked Vichy French Curtiss Hawk 75s and hit by H/A fire. Crew recovered by HMS Forester.


Hallett, NG Lt and Smith, VA Lt RAN, 8.5.1941, 807 sqdn HMS Ark Royal, shot down a S79, 95m SSE of Sardinia, with 3 other fulmars. Their own aircraft was hit, and ditched, picked up after half hour by HMS Foresight.


2 crew 808 sqdn 10.12.40 fulmar, HMS Ark Royal, ditched crew saved by HMS Firedrake.

Appleton, AH Lt, and Sub Lt RJW Goddard, 818 sqdn, HMS Ark Royal. Diversionary attack on Cagliari airfield, damaged by flak, engine broke up on return, ditched 130 miles from Fleet, picked up by HMS Foxhound.


Edwards, GC Lt Cdr RCN , and crew 824 sqdn, 13.3.1944 engine failure, force landed in sea, picked up by HMS Fusilier.


White, CT Mid RNZN Mid and crew 820 sqdn from HMS Formidable, ditched after fuel system failure, rescued by HMS Gambia 17.6.42


Meen, RC Sub Lt and Ryley, BE Sub Lt picked up (L/A OL Cribb went down with a/c - killed) 848 sqdn avengers, 16.11.1944, Dekheila night alt on destroyer, explosion in engine, failed, ditched and sank. Rescued by HMS Garland.


Phillips, H  TAG and crew 819 sqdn ditched 11.11.40 rescued HMS Gloucester a Gloucester Class Light Cruiser which was sunk 22.5.1941


Martin, AE Sub Lt 5.5.1944, hurricane, 825 sqdn, HMS Vindex, failing engine seized up 14m from ship, pilot baled out at 3000ft , picked up by HMS Goodson, but died from immersion.


Sydney-Turner, Lt Cdr, Kellett, Lt WB and Dilnutt, WH TAG 818 sqdn flak damaged, fl Skelfjord, Lofoten, 12.4.40 rescued by destroyer HMS Grenade

Appleby, SGJ Sub Lt and Tapping, E LA  TAG 818 sqdn from HMS Furious, both injured in Narvik attack. Aircraft on fire on port side, crashed Ofot fjord, Narvik 12.4.40, rescued by the destroyer HMS Grenade which its was sunk in 5.1940


Crew 800 sqdn? 23.9.40 from HMS Ark Royal. Operation Menace, Dakar force-landed in sea and crew recovered by HMS Greyhound.

HMCS HAIDA (see the website of the HMCS Haida museum)
Cooke, SG Lt Cdr and Baring-Gould, FD Lt, 813 sqdn HMS Vindex, 22.4.1945, RATOG failure on take off, ditching, rescued unhurt by HMCS Haida.

Wise, PDB Sub Lt rescued (Wall Sub Lt and passenger Sub Lt RP Barker both killed) 826 sqdn, albacore 14.9.1942, Dekheila after alt on minesweeper Harrow.


Kemspon, NH Sub Lt and Manning, JC Sub Lt of 826 Albacore squadron flying from Hal Far force landed in the Mediterranean sea on 11.12.1942. Kempson rescued, found in dinghy 51 miles SE of Malta by HMS Hebe 9 days later. Sub Lt Manning died before being rescued.


Donati, MD Lt and Smith, FAJ  TAG 816 sqdn ditched over side HMS Furious after Narvik attack 12.4.40, in sea with no dinghy at 28 degrees for 45min rescued by destroyer HMS Hero (ship later became HMCS Chaudiere)


Brown, D Sub Lt and Carr, WE Sub Lt 811 sqdn, 26.7.1944 from HMS Biter, returning from search, fuel leak, ditched, 10m ahead of convoy OS.84, rescued by HMS Helmsdale.


Crew of 860F Flt 21.12.1944 SS Macoma a/s patrol bounced overboard, crew rescued by HMCS Hespeler


Richardson, CWG Sub Lt 26.5.1944 835 sqdn, sea hurricane, found dead when body recovered by HMS Highlander.


Brabner, RA lt and Shuttleworth, JA Lt , 806 sqdn, 10.3.1941, fulmar, HMS Illustrious, force-landed in Suda Bay, picked up by HMS Hotspur.


Eyre, H Sub Lt, Harvey, DJR Sub Lt, and St Vaughan, TEJ LA 23.8.1941, 832 sqdn, albacore, anti-submarine patrol, ditched off Cape Wrath, picked up by destroyer HMS Inglefield


Hall, PR Lt (Nuttall, HW PO killed) 807 sqdn 18.5.1942 HMS Eagle, fulmar, Malta spitfire convoy, shot down in sea by French Dw520 which had just shot down a Catalina (crew saved), observer failed to bail out, 20m NW of Algiers, Hall picked up by HMS Isis.


Griffiths,DCL, Sub Lt, Lea, R TAG (Baker AM1 DoI) 836 sqdn, 2.5.1945, swordfish, Dartmouth, ef during practice a/s bombing, ditched picked up destroyer HMS Ironbound


Howey, AJE Lt and Stevens, LJ LA 809 sqdn, fulmar, 22.3.1941, ditched picked up by HMS Jervis


Lowe, ILF Sub Lt (Kensett, RD NA1 killed) 806 sdqdn fulmar, 10.1.1941 in divebombing attack on HMS Illustrous, rear gunner hit radiator of Ju87 which crashed in sea. Then the fulmar attacked another Ju87 which got the fulmar's tail, and had to ditch 60m SW of Malta, rescued wounded by HMS Jaguar.


Swordfish crew of 81x sqdn, 9.11.40 HMS Illustrious, ef, ditched crew rescued by HMS Juno.

Williams, GPC Sub Lt, Davies, GL Sub Lt and TAG, 829 albacore sqdn, 28.3.1941 FTR HMS Formidasble, ditched SE of Antikithra Island, after dusk torpedo attack on Vittorio Veneto, Cape Matapan, all picked up by HMS Juno.


Crew of 812 sqdn, 31.8.1940, bombing raid on Vlaardingen oil tanks, ditched, fuel shortage, crew rescued by HMS Jupiter.


Godley, JR Sub Lt, Bennett, JWG Sub Lt and Simpson, CS TAG 836P Flt of HMS Adula 15.4.1944 force landed in sea in fog, ditched  rescued unhurt after 1hour by canadian schooner Kasagra.


Pilot of 888 martlet/wildcat sqdn 5.5.1942 FTR HMS Illustrious,  shot down whilst searching for crew of 829 sqdn swordfish. Pilot picked up by HMS Keren.


Stuart, Lt Cdr and Pirie WT CPO 857 sqdn, avengers, 27.3.1945, Operation Iceberg divebomb attack on Ishigaki airfield, oil leak, ditched, picked up by submarine USS Kingfish.
American submarine rescue.


Winch, GR Sub Lt, Brodie, EC Sub Lt, and Miller, I PO picked up 849 sqdn, avengers, HMS Victorious, Operation Meridian II, attacking Songei Gerong oil refinery, damaged by gun blast 29.1.1945; out of fuel as carrier unable to receive after 2 previous crashes on deck, ditched, picked up okay by the destroyer HMS Kempenfelt

Pilot of 1830 or 1833 sqdn, corsair, 29.1.45, HMS Illustrious, Operation Meridian II, baled out 7m ahead of fleet, pilot picked up by HMS Kempenfelt

Stuart, W Lt Cdr and Pirie, WT CPO, 857 sqdn, avengers, 31.3.1945, HMS Indomitable, weather aborted attacks on airfields, ditched over destroyer patrol, picked up by HMS Kempenfelt, then to HMS Undine.

Smith, BJ Sub Lt and Jones, O PO 849 sqdn, avengers, HMS Avenger 12.5.1945 hit by flak in attack on Hirara, oil leak, ditched 3m from HMS Victorious, picked up by HMS Kempenfelt


Towlson, AR Sub Lt, Jones, MWS Mid, and McBride, VR LA 828 sqdn, 2/3.5.42 operating from North Front, Gibraltar, on anti-submarine mission, lost way ditched 5m from Cape Trafalgar, picked up by anti-submarine trawler Lady Hogarth.


Dick, DG Sub Lt 882 sqdn 4.1942. martlet/wildcat. missed wires, jumped barrier half roll into sea from HMS Illustrious, picked up by HMS Lightning.

Fisher, JL Sub Lt, Wallace, KG Sub Lt, Halhead, TW  TAG 831 sqdn albacore, ef at 8,000ft engine smoking, ditched short of shipin Indian Ocean 11.7.1942. Rescued by the destroyer HMS Lightning (ship torpedoed on 12.03.43).

See also account of rescue from HMS Lightning (Ref Bert Ward)


Jackson, PB Sub Lt, Sub Lt Berrill, DA and Sparkes, FG  TAG 825 sqdn, ditched on recce from HMS Victorious after Bismarck affair 25.5.41, picked up 50m E of Cape Farewell, Greenland, by Icelandic SS Largufoss after 8 days adrift  (3.6.41).


Adams, WG Sub Lt, Pain, HEH Sub Lt, and Edwards, HG LA 810 sqdn 25.4.40 force-landed in sea, picked up by destroyer HMS Maori

Martin, WHN, RM, Crawford, JA Lt and Edwards, HG  TAG 810 sqdn 25.4.40 force-landed in sea after attack on Vaernes airfield,  8.5.40 rescued by destroyer HMS Maori


Bullivant, BE Lt of 813 hurricane sqdn of Fighter Flight HMS Eagle, shot down by Re2001, baled out and picked up by HMS Matchless during operation Harpoon, 14.6.1942.


Everett, RWH, Lt 804 sqdn, 3.8.1941, sea hurriucane, convoy Sl81, launched from SS Maplin, 50.33'N, 19.40'W, shot down Fw200 into sea, ditched, picked up from dinghy by own ship, SS Maplin.


Harris, LA Lt and Medlicott-Vereker, JHR 803 skua, sqdn 16.5.40 fighter patrol, shot down by Bf110 of ZG76 S of Oyjord, Rombaksfjord rescued by HMS Matabele.


Cullen, Sub Lt, Rowland, JD Sub Lt, and NA BJ Willis 813 sqdn 25.4.41 HMS Eagle failed to return from a search in the Indian Ocean. Found and picked up by SS Mathura and taken to Aden.


Esencourt, TR Sub Lt, Soden, Sub Lt and Aberdein, SJ LA 822 6.7.1943 albacore, ef on take-off from HMS Furious near Iceland, ditched rescued by destroyer HMS Meteor.


Phillips, DW Sub Lt and crew 829 sqdn, 28.3.41 night shadowing of Italian Fleet prior to Battle of Matapan, returned to Crete, failed to find Maleme aerodrome, force-landed in Suda Bay, picked up by trawler Moonstone.


Cockburn, RC lt and Curtriss, WE Lt, 808 sdqn, 25.7.1941, fulmar, HMS Ark Royal, shot down two S79, and damaged others, then shot down c120m SW of Sardinia , picked up by HMS Nestor, Cockburn awarded DSO and Curtriss a DSM.


Cash, D Sub Lt rescued (Wheeler, CD Sub Lt and PO BK Blissett no trace both killed) 852 avenger sqdn HMS Nabob, 29.7.1944. Rescued by HMS Newmarket.


Morrison, GS Sub Lt, Jennings, DT Sub Lt and Barber, JH LA 810 sqdn, 7.1.1943 hit derrick landing lost height crashed in sea, all picked up by HMS Norman


Cooper, BJ Sub Lt and Owen, IA Sub Lt (Randall, CM la killed) 836C Flt HMS Ancylus, 30.1.1944 went overboard, picked up by trawler Northern Gem.


Brokensha, GW Sub Lt and PO SE Andrews 803 sqdn skua, 16.10.40 shot down by AA from own ship, rescued by HMS Nubian.


Bowden, JF Sub Lt (Sub Lt D Evans killed) 811 3.11.44 fell over side HMS Vindex, pickd up injured by HMS Offa.


Chinnery, D CPO and Sub Lt DA Pope 813 sqdn 12.2.1945 over side landing in bad weather HMS Campania, picked up by HMS Onslaught.

Brown, RH Sub Lt and crew 835 sqdn, 17.2.1945, from HMS Nairana, ship pitching, aircraft dived into sea on take off. Crew picked up by HMS Onslaught.


Quigg, JA Lt 813 wildcat sqdn from HMS Campania. On 10.2.1945 claimed Ju88 probably destroyed and another possibly destroyed 73.2'N, 20.56'E, shared with other wildcat. Own aircraft damaged by return fire, ditched near HMS Nairana, picked up after 15 minutes by HMS Opportune.

Thomas, JH Sub Lt, Lloyd, JH Sub Lt and Heath, DG LA 846 avenger sqdn, 18.3.1945 on a/s patrol from HMs Trumpeter, ditched 1m ahead of ship 2 min after to lack of power S of Bear island, 18.3.45 . Picked up after 30min by HMS Opportune.


Sharrock, NL Sub Lt, Jones, BLG Sub Lt and Williams, C LA, 825 sqdn, 14.3.1944 engine cut out from HMS Vindex on night take off, ditched and picked up by HMCS Outremont


Lockhart, FG  TAG and crew 848 sqdn ditched 24.7.1945 rescued HMS Quality.


Roberts, GW Sub Lt 12.8.1942 800 hurricane sqdn from HMS Indomitable, took part in Operation Pedestal, where they claimed one Ju 88 destroyed, then own aircraft shot down. Picked up by HMS Pathfinder.


Dixon, JT Sub Lt 882 wildcat/martlet sqdn of HMS Victorious 12.5.1943 skidded over side, picked up okay by HMS Pringle.


Hall, J Sub Lt 893 wildcat/martlet sqdn 19.4.1943, collided with AJ104 at 1500 ft, crashed in sea, picked up by HMS Puckeridge but DoI.


Stevenson, DA Lt 893 wildcat/martlet sqdn of HMS Formidable on 9.9.1943 oil leak over Force H, ditched in the Gulf of Salerno, picked up by Queen Olga.


Hartshorn, CG Sub lt, 1841 corsair sqdn, 20.5.45 from HMS Formidable, ef on take-off gradually, sank in sea, suspected water in fuel, picked up by destroyer HMS Quality.

Blaikie, JW Sub Lt, 1841 corsair sqdn from HMS Formidable, flaps blew up on take off  crashed in sea, picked up by HMS Quality.


Forrest, JH Sub Lt and Kerr, RH PO (Taylor, CS Sub Lt died) 817 barracuda sqdn, Operation Light Baker, ef on take off stalled on final turn to land, ditched near HMS Indomitable. Picked up by HMS Raider.


Hartshorn, CG Sub Lt 1841 corsair sqdn, 24.8.1944, HMS Formidable, returned from attack on Tirpitz in Kaa fjord, Norway with engine on fire and one flap shot away, dived into sea. Rescued by destroyer HMS Rambler.


Winch, GR Sub Lt and Tipler, CW Sub Lt 19.12.1944, 849 sqdn avengers, HMS Victorious, wingtip killed Deck-landing CO Lt KFE Dorman, then fell over the side into the sea. Crew injured picked up after 15 min by HMS Rapid.


Walker, CW Sub Lt 804 sea hurricane sqdn, 14.9.1941 launched from SS Maplin (ex Michael E), convoy HG73, drove off Fw200, pilot baled out into sea 100m SW of Eire 14.9.1941. Picked up by HMS Rochester.


Mant, DF Sub Lt 809 sqdn 15.7.1945 seafire, HMS Stalker, bounced over barrier and deck park, went over side. Crew picked up unhurt by HMS Rocket.


Bennett, JP Sub Lt, and crew 834 sqdn, 19.12.1943 from HMS Battler, ditched ef, saved by HMS Rotherham.


Lobban, W Sub Lt. 800 hellcat sqdn, 11.5.45 HMS Emperor 11.5.45 swerved to port on take off, over side, picked up unhurt by HMS Royalist.

Sherborne, FT Sub Lt RAN 24.8.1944 882 wildcat sqdn HMS Searcher, Failed to return after attacked target in Southern France. Rescued by HMS Royalist.

HMCS SACKVILLE (also see website of the HMCS Sackville Museum)

Crew of aircraft from 860-O Flt, 16.8.1944 picked up after hit rounddown after a/s patrol over side and picked up by HMCS Sackville.


McLean, IC Mid 896 sqdn hellcat, 8.9.1945 lost height and ditched alongside HMS Empress, picked up by HMS Saumarez.


Stirling, IF Sub Lt 1842 sqdn, corsair, HMS Formidable, 28.7.1945, hit by flak in attack on frigate, ditched Owase Wan, [picked up by submarine USS Scabbardfish].

Quilter, HK Sub Lt 1842 sqdn, corsair, HMS Formidable, 28.7.1945, hit by flak in attack on frigate, ditched Owase Wan, picked up by submarine USS Scabbardfish
American submarine rescue.


Watson, Sub Lt RNZN, Sub Lt F Bromilow, and PO W Aitken 852 sqdn avenger, from HMS Fencer 16.10.1944 crashed into the sea on take off. Crew picked up by HMS Scorpion.

Norman, RG Sub Lt 846 sqdn, 16.10.1944 wildcat,  catapult holding back gear broke, failed to get flying speed, ditchedHMS Trumpeter, picked up by HMS Scorpion


Falwasser, ES Sub Lt RNZN, Holliman, KH Sub lt, and Weller, AH LA, 826 sqdn, 17.7.1944, barracuda, from HMS Indefatigable, on Operation Mascot, engine hit by flak in attack on Tirpitz in Kaa fjord, ditched ahead of ship on return. All picked up by HMS Scourge.


Cooper, SG Lt, House, PA Lt and Dale, MW PO 825 sqdn 29.4.43 HMS Furious, ran out of fuel on a/s patrol, ditched near HMS Scylla. All crew picked up unhurt by HMS Scylla, a Dido Class Light Cruiser (Converted to Escort Carrier flagship 10/43 - 4/44).

Russell, DG Sub Lt, Broadley, H Sub Lt RNZN, and Mears, AW LA  TAG 825 sqdn ran out of fuel on a/s patrol, ditched 29.4.43 rescued HMS Scylla, a Dido Class Light Cruiser (Converted to Escort Carrier flagship 10/43 - 4/44).

Webb, CRK Sub Lt, Mountford, NDG Sub Lt, and Palmer, JJ LA, 825 sqdn, HMS Furious 29.4.43 Aircraft ran out of fuel on a/s patrol, ditched near HMS Scylla. All picked up unhurt by HMS Scylla, a Dido Class Light Cruiser (Converted to Escort Carrier flagship 10/43 - 4/44).


Quinn, WL Lt and 2 crew rescued, 845 sqdn avengers, in sea port bow HMS Shah, 8.8.1945


Charlier, RS, Sub Lt (Evans, DRB LA killed) 810 sqdn ditched off Gibraltar on takeoff 28.4.41, picked up by HMS Sheffield.


McColgan, JA Lt Cdr, Smart, CA Sub Lt and Nightingale, JR LA 817 sqdn barracuda, 18.9.1944, hit by flak in Penang Straits, ef, ditched off Sigli, N Sumatra, picked up by HMS Spirit.


Lowe, ILF Sub Lt and Kensett, RD NA [or LA PRL Douet?] 806 sqdn 29.9.1940, fulmar, attacked Z501 which was shot down by Sub Lt Hogg. Aircraft hit by return fire, ditched saved by HMAS Stuart.


Farrell, RDM Sub Lt and Clayton, GB TAG 803 sqdn fulmar, Port Reitz, East Africa, 24.7.1943, ef in fighter direction/height finding excercise, ditched, picked up by HMS Sussex.


Eborn, RC Sub Lt, Shaddick, GT Mid, and Clitheroe, PW LA 810 sqdn, 10.6.40 in the Scharnhorst search, ditched off the Lofoten islands, picked up by Norwegian armed fishing vessel ST Syrian and taken to Iceland.


Swanton, FA Lt Cdr, Matthews, N Lt and Ward, C CPO 14.6.1945, avenger 828 sqdn, HMS Implacable, insufficient power on take off for raid on Truk. Aircraft fell off bows, cut in half by bows. Picked up after 20 mins by Terpsichore.


Gething, PL Sub Lt (Croxall, PK Sub Lt and Allen, M LA killed) 828 sqdn avengers, 29.4.45 828 sqdn, HMS Implacable mid air collision with intercepting seafire PP978 in glide bombing excercise, crashed in Indian ocean, picked up by HMS Tumult or HMS Ulysses.

USS TORO Submarine

USS Toro (SS 422) in the afternoon of 24 July 1945,  rescued three British aviators afloat on a raft.  She maintained her station for carrier strikes against Japan on the 28th July 1945. She transferred the rescued British fliers to USS Gabilan (SS-252) on 1 August 1945.


Kiggell, LJ Lt, Allum, K LA (Ogilvy, AE lt killed) 4.9.40 815 sqdn fell in sea downwind of HMS Illustrious on take off.  Picked up by HMS Triad (or Trinidad?).


Nicholls, LH Sub Lt, Rees, DO Sub Lt, and Laking, E LA 825 sqdn, 28.4.43, HMS Furious, lost ship, running out of fuel, hit director, fell in sea, picked up by the destroyer HMS Troubridge


Stone, MPW Sub Lt, 1831corsair sqdn from HMS Glory, 22.5.45, closed throttle on take-off, then sank into sea. Crew rescued by HMS Tuscan.


Hiller, NR Sub Lt, 1851 corsair sqdn, HMS Venerable, 8.7.45, ditched over bows, picked up unhurt by Tucson.


Judd, DM Lt, Graham, GT Lt, and PO TS Murphy, 849 avenger sqdn, HMS Victorious, 4.1.1945, Operation Lentil, ef  crossing coast west of Sumatra, jettisoned bombs, ditched 6m offshore. Picked up by destroyer HMS Undine.

Hayes, JW Sub Lt. 887 seafire sqdn, 29.1.1945, HMS Indefatigable, on Operation Meridian II, ditched, picked up after 1 1/2 hrs in punctured mae west up by HMS Undine.

Stuart, W Lt Cdr and Pirie, WT CPO, 857 avenger sqdn, 31.3.1945, HMS Indomitable, weather aborted attacks on airfields, ditched over destroyer patrol, picked up by HMS Kempenfelt, then to the destroyer HMS Undine.

Page, ARW Sub Lt, Hanman, WO and LA CJN Dougherty 849 avenger sqdn, 28.7.1945 HMS Victorious, strike on Inno Wan, ditched 28.7.1945 . Dive bombing attack on Habu docks, port wing hit by flak damage and set on fire, hydraulics u/s, ditched near fleet. Crew picked up by the destroyer HMS Undine.


Goodhart, HCN Sub Lt, 896 hellcat sqdn, 11.7.45 HMS Ameer, ef ditched picked up by HMS Vigilant.


Cranwell, RA Sub Lt RNZN 804 hellcat sqdn, HMS Emperor, 9.5.1944 after attacking oil tanks at Khjen, Norway, baled out into sea. Searched for but not found by HMS Wager, believed drowned.


Wheatcroft, SF Sub Lt, Brundrett, A Sub Lt and Woodman, B LA, 817 barracuda sqdn, 19.10.1944, HMS Indomitable. Took off with 1500lbs bombs for dive bombing attack on Nancowry Island, Nicobars, climbed too soon, stalled with undercarriage down, sank in sea, all picked up by HMS Wessex.

Hanson, NS Lt, 24.1.45, 1833 corsair sqdn, HMS Illustrious, Operation Meridian I, caught slipstream of a/c ahead while landing, stbd wing stalled, crashed in wake of ship, rescued by HMS Wessex.


Cheesman, VBG Major RM and Wilkey, DGJ Lt 1770 sqdn firefly, 6.1.1945 HMS Indefatigable, shortage of fuel in circuit, after Pangkalan Brandan raid, ditched picked up okay by HMS Wakeful.


Crew of 836F Flt of HMS Activity, 22.4.44, lost hook landing after a/s patrol ditched 72.18'N, 13.07'E,. Crew rescued unhurt by HMCS Waskesiu.


Maund, MR Lt, Manning, J (P)  TAG 824, Mardlin, JC TAG 824 sqdn ditched 27.11.39 off Colombo during ASP rescued by the Australian? destroyer HMS Waterhen (sunk 30.06.41)


Gibson, WG Sub Lt, 894 sqdn, seafire, 24.1.1945, HMS Indefatigable, Operation Meridian I, undercarriage failed, bailed out. picked up by HMS Whirlwind.


Paterson, IRC Sub Lt and Gunn, MJ Sub Lt (DoW) 849 avenger sqdn, HMS Victorious, 29.1.1945 Operation Meridian II. Aircraft badly damaged by flak ditched near carrier picked up by destroyer HMS Whelp (27th Destroyer Flotilla British Pacific Fleet (First Lieutenant was HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh).

Halliday, RW Sub Lt, Webster, A Sub Lt and Richardson, NE PO. 849 avenger sqdn, HMS Victorious, 29.1.1945, Operation Meridian II, attacking Songei Gerong oil refineries, heavy AA fire and fighter opposition, severe damage to elavator, wings, oil tank and hydraulics, ditched near ship, picked up by destroyer HMS Whelp (27th Destroyer Flotilla British Pacific Fleet (First Lieutenant was HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh).

Taylor, AN and crew 849 sqdn. Involved in attack on Palembang ditched 29.1.1945 rescued by destroyer HMS Whelp (27th Destroyer Flotilla British Pacific Fleet (First Lieutenant was HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh).

McLaren, B Sub Lt 1830 corsair sqdn, from HMS Illustrious, 29.1.1945. Corsair jumped both barriers and crashed over starboard side. Crew picked up by destroyer HMS Whelp (27th Destroyer Flotilla British Pacific Fleet (First Lieutenant was HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh).


Bell, CA  TAG and crew 819 sqdn over side HMS Activity, rescued by the destroyer HMS Winchelsea 12.3.44


Stradwick, WTR Sub Lt 1842 corsair sqdn, 20.9.1944, ef ditched, picked up by HMS Wrangler.


Hankey, RS Lt, Hutchinson, CL Lt, and Hensman, FE PO 813 sqdn, 26.6.42 night alt ef, ditched near HMS Eagle, rescued by HMS Wrestler.


Docherty, WT Sub Lt 846 wildcat/martlet sqdn, HMS Trumpeter, 12.1.1945, Operation Spellbinder, damaged by fire from Ju88, engine and fuselage on fire, ditched flames went out. Pilot hit hood jettisoning, but safely picked up nearby by HMS Zodiac.


Ball, JW Sub Lt, Marshall, AS Lt and Pike, R  TAG 816 sqdn hit by flak during attack on aircraft on frozen Lake Hartvig, near Bjerkvik, ditched 15.4.40. Rescued by whaler of  HMS Zulu (which was lost in 1942)

SHIPS AND OTHER CRAFT (name unknown or small craft)

CRASH BOAT (name unknown)

Cotching, JA Sub Lt 882 wildcat/martlet sqdn, HMS Victorious, ef on take off ditched in harbour, Hvalfjord, 8.6.1943, picked up by crash boat.

Lawrence, JHM Sub Lt, RNZN of 747 squadron Barracuda, flying from Inskip, on 7.9.1943 ditched and sank, 1 1/2 miles from Rossall Point, saved by HSL2585.

Wilson, L F/O RAF, Ramsden, BF F/O RAF and Palmer, L Sgt RAF,  Air Sea Rescue Flight No 6 (ME) Mellaha (ex 701 squadon Beirut), landed on island to pick up spitfire pilot, from besides crashed aircrfat which had struck in soft sand in North Sinai, 35 miles from El Arish 30.8.1943. Plus spitfire pilot picked up by HSL

U.S. N.  Mariner
Forth, RW Sub Lt, Reeks, WA Sub Lt and L/A CG Gordon 848 avenger sqdn, operating from HMS Formidable, shot down whilst involved in glide bombing attack with 4x400lb bombs on airfield on Ishigaki, 20.4.1945. Landed in sea 10m south of island, rescued by a US navy mariner after 72 hrs in dinghy.


Downes, AS Lt, and Mallett, CR Sub Lt (NA1 JAM Stevens killed) albacore 826 sqdn 31.7.1940 attacked 5m north of Calais by 12 Bf109s in daylight attack on invasion barges off Calais, force-landed in sea. Crew picked up by MTB returning from fracas with E-boat.

Rose, BW Sub Lt and Lee, E Sub Lt rescued (Johnson, AL PO killed) 12.2.1942, 825 sqdn Swordfish shot down in English Channel Bf109s, and flak from E-Boats and guns in attack on Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Picked up after 1 1/2 hrs by MTB 44.

Kingsmill, CM Sub Lt, Samples, R McC sub lt and Bunce, D LA, 12.2.1942, 825 sqdn Swordfish shot down in English Channel Bf109s, and flak from E-Boats and guns in attack on Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Picked up by MTB 44.


Carroll, A Sub Lt and Faulks, F  LA (Lt AWB Drayson, killed) 815 sqdn from Malta 9.4.41 ditched on operational patrol North of Crete, picked up 4 days later [rescue launch?]

Willis, BJ  TAG and crew 813 sqdn ditched by HMS Eagle rescued 26.4.41 [rescue launch?]

Crew of 819 sqdn of HMS Archer? 17.4.43 fore-landed S of Snaefells glacier, nr Malarrif [rescue launch?].

Towle, PFH Sub Lt, 820 barracuda sqdn, 30.4.1944 from Crail, ef ditched, picked up by rescue launch.

Matthews, S Sub Lt, Thallon, KP Sub Lt and Hobbs R LA rescued, 856 avenger sqdn, HMS Trumpeter, 17.8.1944, returning from practice strike, stalled over side rescued from dinghy after 15 min.

Butterworth, CE Sub Lt, 1842 corsair sqdn, 7.11.44, dive bombing practice, ef ditched, HMS Formidable, picked up by launch.

SUBMARINE (name unknown)

Buxton, JCR Sub Lt 11.1.1945 wildcat 813 sqdn of HMS Campania flying to Machrihanish, ditched faulty fuel gauge. Crew picked up by Submarine.


Machan, GK  TAG and crew 819 sqdn ditched off Dover injured. Rescued 27.8.44 by Dutch submarine.


Holroyd, D TAG and crew 814 sqdn ?.11.41 from Ratmalana, ditched 40m off Ceylon, crew picked up unhurt by American freighter.


Cheeke, ON Lt and White, SF LA 816 sqdn both injured, 18.4.40 crashed Kvalsund, on recce after hitting high tension wire over fjord near Tromso, rescued by Norwegian guard ship.


Pipe, EC Sub Lt (Sub Lt HS Large and LA S Evett killed) HMS Formidable, albacore of  820 sqdn 5.4.43 picked up by French trawler after many days in dinghy.


McCabe, RD Sub Lt, RNZN, and crew of 826 barracuda sqdn, 10.2.1944, from Crail, ditched 1 1/2m off Crail, picked up by drifter.


Maclean, Flt Lt RAF, xxx barracuda sqdn, 31.7.1944, of HMS Rajah, damaged rudder attempting to land HMS Rajah, went into tightening spiral, ditched 400 yds from Barassie, Ayrshire, picked up by fishery vessel.

Gann, Sub Lt, 1851 corsair sqdn, 13.4.45, HMS Venerable, ditched 1m South of Cape Passevo, Sicily, picked up by fishing vessel.


Devonald, SL Lt Cdr uninjured 885 sqdn seafire, from Lee-on-Solent, 7.6.1944 D-Day plus 1, attacked by Fw190s, severely damaged, ditched near Landing Ship - tank (LST), SW of Caen.

DESTROYER (name not identified)

Griffith, AS Lt (Brown, KA NA killed) 803 sqdn, 22.4.40 crashed in sea, Norway. Rescued by destroyer, Acvras.

Corbet-Milward, NR Lt and Black, J LA 810 sqdn 25.4.40 on Operation DX ditched on take off for attack on Vaernes airfield, rescued by destroyer.

Newson, AC Capt RM, Hogdkinson, GB Lt Cdr and McColl, RH LA 820 sqdn ditched after attack on Vaernes airfield, Norway. picked up unhurt by destroyer. 25.4.40.

Russell, GS injured and Pickering, H LA 803 skua sqdn, hit whilst badly damaging He111 ditched Ofotfjord on 7.5.40. Picked up by destroyer.

Stewart, AW Lt, Shaddick, GT Mid, and Burt, HWV LA 810 sqdn 9.5.40 ditched after bombing raid on Sildvik, picked up unhurt by destroyer.

Glover, HA PO and NA JA Burkey, 803 skua sqdn, ran out of fuel off Oran, picked up by a destroyer 3.7.1940.

Yates, HE Lt and observer, 809 fulmar sqdn, 27.8.1941, HMS Victorois unable to lower hook fell off deck, sank in seconds, picked up by destroyer.

Howlson, P Sub Lt and Hedger, GS LA 828 sqdn, 19.1.1942, from Hal Far, Malta anti-submarine patrol, shot down in sea by Bf109s, both wounded picked up by destroyer.

Marriott, G Sub Lt 888 martlet/wildca sqdn 13.2.1942 HMS Formidable swung on take off, lost wheels on a gun turret, into sea, picked up by destroyer.

Ritchie, B Sub Lt 880 hurricane sqdn, HMS Indomitable, 12.8.1942 Operation Pedestal, shot down a Ju87, then shot down by own flak picked up by destroyer.

Pilot of 808 fulmar sqdn, 2.10.1943, ditched off Helmsdale, picked up by destroyer.

2 crew, 1771 firefly sqdn, HMS Implacable, 17.7.1944 Operation Mascot ditched. Crew  picked up.

James, DD Sub Lt 809 seafire sqdn, 19.8.1944, from HMS Stalker, Operation Dragoon, bombed and straffed train and station at Avignon, shot in oil radiator, baled out off coast. picked up by destroyer.

2 crews of 1834 corsair sqdn, Operation Millet, raid on Car Nicobar, two a/c of 1834 sqdn, or 1836 sqdn, HMS Victorious ditched through enemy action, both pilots saved 17.10.44

Hughes, J Sub Lt and crew, 832 avenger sqdn, HMS Begum, 5.12.1944, catapulted into sea, picked up by escort.

Tucker, AW Sub Lt and Miller, E Sub Lt 1770 firefly sqdn, HMS Indefatigable, 4.1.45 On Pangkalan Brandan raid, emergency landing, short of fuel ditched astern HMS Indefatigable, picked up by destroyer.

Docherty, WT Sub Lt, 846 wildcat sqdn , 11.1.1945  HMS Trumpeter, hit in attack by 4 wildcats on a Ju88 which was shot down, ditched, picked up by a destroyer.

Sheard, RC Sub Lt and crew 849 avenger sqdn, 5.2.1945, unable to land on HMS Victorious, due to crashed JZ386 on deck, out of fuel, ditched, picked up by destroyer.

Taylor, HL Sub Lt and crew 854 avenger sqdn, 19.3.1945, HMS Illustrious, swung off port side into sea, picked up by destroyer.

Moores, F Sub Lt, 1842 sqdn, HMS Formidable, 6.7.45, ef on take-off HMS Formidale, ditched picked up by destroyer.

Cartledge, CR Sub Lt 1842 corsair sqdn, 17.7.45, HMS Formidable, cartwheeled into water on take-off, slightly injured, picked up by destroyer.

Connolly, MJ Sub Lt, 1841 corsair sqdn of HMS Formidable, engine trouble, ditched, picked up injured by destroyer, 7.1945.

Ross, J Lt, 1842 corsair sqdn, 17.7.45, hit on ramrod on Matsushima Aairfield and Honshu island, ditched off coast near pickets, picked up.

Sturrock, JM Sub Lt 894 seafire sqdn, HMS Indefatigable, 24.7.1945, baled out due to lack of fuel, rescued.

Menzies, TT Sub Lt 828 avenger sqdn 25.7.1945 HMS Implacable, ditched alongside destroyer patrol.

Lumsden, JE Sub Lt, and Osborne, JM Sub Lt 1771 firefly sqdn, 28.7.1945 HMS Implacable, ditched picked up by destroyer.

TAG rescued (Sub Lt NL Wright killed) 849 avenger sqdn, HMS Victorious, damaged by flak, ditched with u/c lowered, off Japan, 9.8.1945 rescued.

Corrin, KG Sub Lt and West, RG Sub Lt 1771 firefly sqdn, 9.8.1945, failed to return to HMS Implacable after attack on Matsujima airfield, ditched at Tomcat, short of fuel, picked up by a US destroyer.

Adams, AF Sub Lt and Nunn, JD Sub Lt, 1703 sea otter sqdn, 21.8.1945 ef force-landed on water near Calshot, towed to buoy by motor launch.



Dawson-Paul, F Sub Lt 25.7.1940, loaned to 64 sqdn RAF, shot down Bf109E, but was in turn shot down into the English Channel. Picked up by German E-baot, POW, but died from severe wounds 5 days later.


Jago, JdeF Lt Cdr, Caldecott-Smith, JA Lt, and Beagley, PN  TAG 815 sqdn POW 13/14.3.41 failed to return from a night attack on Valona harbour. All picked up byan Italian gunboat, and taken POW (POW Italy and Germany)


Griffith, AJ Sub Lt POW (Lt PE O' Brien killed) 830 sqdn 21/22.11.41 shot down in sea in night attack on enemy convoy, Cape Spartivento picked up by Italian destroyer Emmanuel Pessagno and taken POW.


Jackson, JD Lt, Lt Cdr JWS Corbett, and Bugden, WH LA TAG 826 albacore sqdn all POW 17.3.42 flying out of Berka satt, 4 albacores in dusk torpedo attack on heavily escorted italian troopship Victoria, two hits scored, then shot down, picked up by from dinghy after 24hrs by italian hospital ship, POWs. Released 1943.




Submarine lifeguard league Memorial: 

THIS INFO IN the website Submarine lifeguard league Memorial: The Submarine Lifeguard League Memorial is a project dedicated to the memory of the valiant men and submarines involved in lifeguard operations, and the aviators they rescued. USS SCABBARDFISH (SS 397) to the aid of a 'limey' & a 'kiwi' up the creek without a paddle Keith Quilter, a Royal Navy fighter pilot, recalls the day he flew off the deck of HMS Formidable and had his Corsair shot out of the air at Owase Wan.  Up a creek without a paddle, Scabbardfish to the rescue.0500 on the morning of July 23rd 1945 -- the 1825 Squadron Also USS Toro (SS 422) 24 July 1945,  in the afternoon, rescued three British aviators afloat on a raft.  She maintained her station for carrier strikes against Japan on the 28th. She transferred the rescued British fliers to USS Gabilan (SS-252) on 1 August 1945.







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