AIR-SEA RESCUE 1939-1945




Talbot, KG Sub Lt 806 Hurricane sqdn 23.11.1941 Sidi Haneish, sweep over El Adem, dogfight with Bf109s, force-landed in the desert. Crew rescued by retreating troops, returned to sqdn 2 days later.


Gowan, AA Sub lt, 879 seafire sqdn, HMS Attacker, 27.6.1944, bombed target at San Angelo with 5 spitfire IX of 4 sqdn SAAF, then hit by flak, baled out. Rescued by Partisans, returned 10.7.1944

Rawbone, AR Sub Lt 809 seafire sqdn, HMS Stalker, 24.8.1944, Operation Dragoon, armed tactical reconnaissance, force-landed NW of Nimes. Rescued and remained with Maquis resistance until 3.9.1944


Gorrie, G Sub Lt and Train, NF LA, 817 albacore sqdn, HMS Furious, 30.7.1941, shot down by Bf109 in torpedo attack on Petsamo, ditched, crew to dinghy, cast ashore Murmansk 2 days later. Picked up by Russians.


Manders, PF Sub Lt, and 2 ground crew 826 albacore sqdn , 25.6.1942, during retreat from El Alemein, a/c failed to start at LG.15 after engine change, shot at Bf109, rest of sqdn had left, enemy approaching, aircraft abandoned. the 3 left by road.

Sturges, RJ Lt 879 sqdn, seafire, 10.9.1943, HMS Attacker  u/c lever jammed, landed Salerno Beach, abandoned.


Pike, HJM Sub Lt, Brown, CM Sub Lt and LA G Rough 827 sqdn, HMS Indomitable, albacore, 5.5.1942 recce and a/s patrol of entrance to Diego Suarez harbour, shot up by French AA, ditched , drifted to Comoro island, found several weeks later, returned to the  sqdn 3.6.1942.




Submarine lifeguard league Memorial: 

THIS INFO IN the website Submarine lifeguard league Memorial: The Submarine Lifeguard League Memorial is a project dedicated to the memory of the valiant men and submarines involved in lifeguard operations, and the aviators they rescued. USS SCABBARDFISH (SS 397) to the aid of a 'limey' & a 'kiwi' up the creek without a paddle Keith Quilter, a Royal Navy fighter pilot, recalls the day he flew off the deck of HMS Formidable and had his Corsair shot out of the air at Owase Wan.  Up a creek without a paddle, Scabbardfish to the rescue.0500 on the morning of July 23rd 1945 -- the 1825 Squadron Also USS Toro (SS 422) 24 July 1945,  in the afternoon, rescued three British aviators afloat on a raft.  She maintained her station for carrier strikes against Japan on the 28th. She transferred the rescued British fliers to USS Gabilan (SS-252) on 1 August 1945.







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