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FAA Prisoner of War (POW)
PRISONERS OF WAR 1939-1945 (including all known FAA aircrew captured by the enemy Axis forces of Vichy France, Italy, Japan, German as well as interned by Neutral countries including Eire, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)

Stalag Luft 1 at Barth, Germany

Dedicated to the endless search for the memory of all those who failed to return and to the families who waited anxiously with no news. The page is especially dedicated to the families of Matholie, Baker-Falkner, Micklem and Kimberley.



Roll Call Muster Lists of all Fleet Air Arm POWs

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In July 1999, the Fleet Air Archive began to list the names of as many former Fleet Air Arm Prisoners of War as could be find. In August, 2000 the list has been completed as best as could be with available resources. It is sure that there are a few "Kriegies", short for Kriegsgefangenan (Prisoner of War), that have been over looked, but not intentionally. The task was long and difficult not to mention extremely time consuming. The roster, as it is currently, contains only the Fleet Air Arm PoW's, the FAA Archive would like to complete the list by adding the other Commonwealth naval aviator PoW names. If you know of a way for us to obtain those names please contact the FAA Archive..... Meanwhile we will be undertaking further research and consultatin with veteran and veteran associations to ensure that this list will bevcome as comptete as possible so as to ensure that all thise who suffered under enprosonment by the enemy regimes are not forgotten.

List of Axis Prisoner of War (POW) Camps for airmen

List of Axis Prisoner of War (POW) Camps under German control

Location where FAA POW aircrew were captured

List of FAA POWs by squadron

Memorial Roll of FAA aircrew who died in internment as POWs

Memorial Roll to the FAA aircrew murdered by Japanese forces

Fleet Air Arm POW escape attempts from POW camps

List of all Fleet Air Arm Telegraphist Air Gunners Prisoners of War

Research information and Archives about Prisoners of War

POW Organisations and Veteran Associations

POW camps and websites with further information

Stalag Luft III POW camp and Fleet Air Arm aircrew

Stragglers - A web site about Swedish internees and the aircraft that landed there

Websites and Link pages

POW RESEARCH and Archive Information about Prisoners of War 

For further details of POW Rosters refer to the alphabetical nominal registers of British and Dominion PoWs of all ranks who were held in Germany and German occupied territories, available at the Pubic Records Office London. The lists are corrected generally up to 30th March 1945, and are in three volumes: British Army, Armies and other Land Forces of the British Empire, Naval and Air Forces of Great Britain and the Empire. They give details of name, rank and service/army number as well as regiment/corps, prisoner of war  number and camp location details.

For further information refer to the PRO British Prisoners of War, 1939-1953 Military Records Information sheet No 20. There are nominal rolls of individual PoW camps, especially Japanese, to be found in AIR 49/383-388. In AIR 20/2336, there is an alphabetical list of British and Dominion Air Force PoWs in German hands in 1944-1945. There is a nominal index of all Royal Marines known to have held in German camps, 1939-1945, in ADM 201/111.

Prisoners of War British Army 1939-1945 Alphabetical Nominal Registers of over 107,000 British Army Prisoners of War of all Ranks Held in Germany & German Occupied Territories. J.B.Hayward & Son Olstead: Suffolk in association with The Imperial War Museum, Department of Printed Books, 1945

Australian Prisoners of War - POWs

Canadian POW*MIA Information Centre


POW Research by Greg Hatton 

Task Force Russia Documents Database
Interactive Database of Documents Pertaining To POWs and MIAs in the Former USSR

Russian - American Joint Commision On Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Offical Agency of USG Tasked With Accounting For POWs and MIAs in the Former USSR 

National Personnel Records Center
Military and Civilian Document and Personnel File Repository



Australian Prisoners of War Australian Prisoners of the Japanese During the Malayan Campaign WWII
Alphabetically indexed and sorted databases

Inventory of British & Commonwealth Prisoners of War captured in Java 1942-1945

Military Aviation and Prisoner of War Records by Richard S. Robinson
Richard S Robinson's database now extends to more than 2,200 entries from the First World War and 15,000 entries from the Second World War.

Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) for the notification of next-of-kin of members of the  former German Wehrmacht.  Over 15.000.000 files on German and Austrian forces and their allies who were PoWs. (mainly in French, American and British custody). Release documents on transports (repatriations) from the East. Approximately 1.500.000 files (residue) on foreign PoWs in German custody.

Heimatortskarteien (Expellee Card-Index)

American Ex-Prisoners of War  - NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION

All POW MIA Vietnam Korea WWII News Updates Reports including Most Requested Documents and Reports for World War II including World War II Honor Roll of the American Battle Monuments Commission WWII casualty search database.

US World War II Name Search Database
Interactive Databse Offering Searches For POW-MIAs from WW II


The International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva keeps lists of all known PoWs and internees of all nationalities for the Second World War: searches are only made in response to  written enquiries, and an hourly fee is charged. The address is International Council of the Red Cross, Archives Division, 19, Avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva.

The Royal Air Forces ex-POW association website

The RAF Escaping Society

The The Air Forces Escaping Society, Canadian Branch of the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society

National Ex-Prisoner of War Association
Contact: Mr. Les Allen, Hon. General Secretary, 99 Parlaunt Road, Langley, Slough, Berks, SL3 8BE, UK. Tel: +44 01753 818308

Stalag Luft One Association.

Stalag Luft Four Association

Stalag 18A. 

Royal Air Forces Escaping Society Museum Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby

Association for the Children and Families of the Far East Prisoners of War

web site of the Far East Prisoner-of -War Association (FEPOW)( 1941-45)(London). Also see their online newsletter

Far East Prisoners of War & Internees Fund
Contact: 30 Copsewood Way, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 8PL, UK. Telephone: +44 01622 737124 (Also FEPOW Central Welfare Fund)

National Federation of Far Eastern POW Clubs & Associations 
Contact: A L (Bert)Humphreys, Hon. Secretary, 256 Middle Road, Sholing, Southampton SO19 8PG, UK. Tel: +44 01703-441308

Bamboo Wireless: Church of Our Lady and St. Thomas of Canterbury Wymondam, Norfolk.This Roman Catholic Church was built in 1952 by Fr Cowin as a memorial to all POWs and internees in the Far East.

Japanese Labour Camp Survivors Association (JLCSA) representing British
military POWs

EJOS INC, (New Zealand POWs)

JAPRAG (Australian POWs)

British Veteran's Organisations: includes FAA, RN HMS ships et al associations



From Kreigie booklet about Stalag Luft I

STALAG POW CAMPS (Stammlager Luftwaffe (Stalag Luft)
Allied aircrew shot down during World War II were incarcerated after interrogation in Air Force Prisoner of War camps run by the Luftwaffe, called Stalag Luft, short for Stammlager Luft or Permanent Camps for Airmen. Six  German POW camps were especially built for the ever increasing numbers of POW aircrews. The Germans treated captured Fleet Air Arm aircrew as Air Force and put them together with RAF and other Allied and commonwealth aircrew. The main PoW aircrew officers camp was Stalag Luft III situated in Sagan, in Upper Silesia, Poland


WWII Location name

WWII country

Current location name

Current country

Stalag (Luft) 1





Stalag (Luft) 2





Stalag (Luft) 3





Stalag (Luft) 4





Stalag (Luft) 5





Stalag VI





Stalag (Luft) 7a





Stalag (Luft) 8b





Stalag (Luft) S





Stalag (Luft)

Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt am Main


Stalag XIb





Stalag (Luft) 13d





Stalag 17b





Colditz Oflag IVC

Colditz, Leipzig


Colditz, Leipzig


Camps listing - Europe

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton: extremely comprehensive website with details for all thre Luft Pow camps (Dulag Luft, Luft 1, 3, 4, 6, 7a, 13d, 17b and details of the "Death March")

·         Summary of the POW camp related locations: (Stalags, Oflags, Marlags, Ilags, Dulags, Stalag Lufts) Very comprehensive list with present day locations provided for many, from a website dedicated to Places of WW2

·         Kreigsgefangenenlager: Liste POW camps. by Moosberg online (also see extensive Stalag 7 information)

Dulag Luft - the transit camp for Allied airmen

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Stalag Luft I Barth
During World War II approximately 8,939 Allied Airmen ( 7,588 American and 1,351 Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm) were imprisoned by the Germans at Stalag Luft I in Barth, Germany. The Kriegie camp newspaper was POWWOW (Prisoners of War Waiting on Winning) and was a reliable source of war news. The Germans were never able to silence POWWOW.

·         Stalag Luft I Barth-  Mary Smith and her sister's excellent memoir of their father Staff Sgt Dick Williams

·         Stalag Luft One Association

·         Recollections of Luft I by a veteran POW, Art Starratt's World War II Experiences

·         Behind Stalag Lust I website by a son of an American 8th AF Krieggie

o        Stalag Luft I Roll Call - includes 3 FAA aircrew.

·         Stalag Luft One - Markus Kolb's site

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Stalag Luft III Sagan
Stalag Luft III was situated in Sagan, 100 miles south-east of Berlin, now called Zagan, in Upper Silesia, Poland.  It was opened in 1942 with the first prisoners arriving in April of that year, and was just one of a network of Air Force only PoW camps.  The Germans treated captured Fleet Air Arm aircrew as Air Force and put them all together. This was the main German Prisoner of War Camp for Fleet Air Arm and airmen officers of the Allied forces. Famous for the Great Escape of 1944. In January 1945 with the threat of the advancing Russian Allies, the German authorities marched the PoWs on foot to Stalag VIIA in Mooseburg. There they remained until liberated by General Patton's Army on 29 April, 1945

·         USAF Academy site 'The Story of Stalag Luft 3- An extensive site with some sound archive material)

·         Polish site on Sagan (in English) -Includes link to present day Sagan. 

·         Stalag Luft III Sagan - Rob Davis's excellent page on Sagan and The Great Escape.

·         The Great Escape Stalag Luft III, Sagan, March 24/25th, 1944 by Rob Davis

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton


Stalag Luft IV Belaria Sagan (Tychowo, Poland)

·         Stalag Luft Four Association - by Leonard Rose

o        See Stalag Luft IV website and Roster of Prisoners

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

·         World War II Prisoners of War - USAAF site

·         Kriegies

Stalag Luft VI Heydekrug 

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Stalag Luft VIIa
Located at Bankau near Kreulberg.

Stalag Luft 7 sign. See son's website of recollections of PoW Lt JJ Ryan USAAF 


·         Das Kriegsgefangenenlager Stalag VII A - Moosberg online

·         Photographs of Kriegies. Website about PoW Lt JJ Ryan USAAF

·         Evacuation of Stalag Luft VII in Silesia - January 1945

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Stalag VIIIB

·         Located at Lamsdorf 344 - See Terry Hanlon's site

Stalag XIB

·         Located at Fallingbostel - website by Ken Brown (ex-POW and UK Project Manager)

Stalag Luft XIIId

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Stalag XVIIb

·         POW Research page by Greg Hatton

Colditz Oflag IVC

·         Colditz web site in Colditz town

·         Also see other Colditz website

·         3D Computer animation of Colditz Castle

·         COLDITZ Museum


Far East - WWII List of Japanese POW Camps, by American Ex-Prisoners of War Organisation American Ex-POW Organisation

Changi Prison

After the fall of Singapore in February 1942, the Japanese used the Changi Peninsula   Barracks and Gaol to imprison over 50,000 allied troops and civilians. Changi Prison: Designed in 1938 to hold 650 men. Detained here were 3,500 white civilian prisoners, including women and children. They were moved in May 1944 and replaced by 12,000 Allied POW including survivors of the Burma-Thai railway, Italians and Americans, as well as Fleet Air Arm aircrew taking part in the Palembang raid. 

·         Website Changi prison chapel and museum


Ex - Gratia payment for British groups held prisoner by Japanese
On the 7th November 2000, the Government announced a single ex-gratia payment of £10,000 to be paid to the surviving members of the British groups who were held  prisoner by the Japanese during the Second World War.  The scheme is administered by the War Pensions Agency (WPA) and you can contact the War Pensions Agency on Freeline (UK) 0800 169 22 77 for more information and to request a claim form. 

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - DEBT OF HONOUR REGISTER:
This Register provides personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First or Second World Wars, including all those who served with the Fleet Air Arm.

Searchable database of 11297 RECORDS by name, rank, date, or by keyword.


The Canadian Virtual War Memorial
This site contains information about the graves and memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country. The site has been expanded to include direct links to the commemorative inscriptions in the electronic versions of Canada's Books of Remembrance.

Canadian Book of Rememberance
The Books of Remembrance contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them. All the books are kept in the Memorial Chamber located in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. The purpose of creating a site that displays these books on the Internet is to make them more accessible to the public.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial with search name registry

Search the Canadian Merchant Navy War Dead Database

Of the 405,399 Americans that lost their lives during World War II, there were 78,976 Missing in Action. Of the remainder the next of kin of 93,242 elected to have their loved ones buried at our cemeteries. The World War II Honor Roll database contains the 172,218 names of those buried at our cemeteries, those Missing in Action and those buried or lost at sea. It does not contain the names of the 233,181 Americans returned to the United States for burial.

The British, Commonwealth & Polish Air 
Services Personnel Archive The Archive is believed to be the world's largest on-government record of air force fatalities. Started in 1984, its purpose is to record and eventually publish details of those who died while serving with the British, Commonwealth & Polish forces.

New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum

·         NZ Memorial Roll This Memorial Roll commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 800 New Zealand pilots, air gunners, and navigators who flew fighter aircraft during the world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

German database of German Armed Forces fatalities 
VERMISTEN UND TOTEN DATABANK:  A site listing all the known fatalities and missing person person of the German Armed forces during both World War I and World War II.

Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) for the notification of next-of-kin of members of the  former German Wehrmacht who were killed in action. The site is a must for anyone tracing freinds or realtives who served in the Wehrmact, Luftwaffe, Kreigmarine or Waffen SS. In excess of 2.100.000 personal files on German naval personnel (Imperial German Navy, forerunner to the Reichsmarine, Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, German Minesweeping Service and drafted merchant seamen) for the period 1871-1947. Over 15.000.000 files on German and Austrian forces and their allies who were P.o.Ws. (mainly in French, American and British custody). Release documents on transports (repatriations) from the East. Approximately 1.500.000 files (residue) on foreign P.o.Ws. in German custody.

Maritime Obituaries List
Well maintained and up-to-date list and details of obituaries of personnel with Maritime connections, and includes  anumber of FAA, RN and Commonwealth naval aviators. This online list was originally drawn up from February 1996 onwards by Edwin King and Martin Evans as a collation of maritime obituaries appearing in the British press for MARHST-L, the maritime history discussion group.


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