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Haigh, NG RNVR




Hale, JW RN 




Hall, AF RN




Hall, RMcD RN
(see under MacDonald-Hall)




Hall, SJ RN




Hallett, NG RN




Hallewell, CMT RN




Hanson, NS RNVR




Harding, AJD RN




Hargreaves, RE RN




Harman, JCM RN 




Harrington, TW RN




Harriss, BH RN




Harrower, JB RNR




Hartley, JV RN




Havers, PH RN




Hay, RC RM




Hayes, HS RN




Haynes, GM RAN




Head, RD RN




Heath, PC RN 




Hedges, JW RNVR




Henderson, GR RNVR




Hill, R McD RNVR




Hodgkinson, CGB RN




Hodson, GFS RNR




Holbrook, DAE RN




Holman, DJ RN




Hopkins, FHE RN




Hopkins, RDB RN




Hordern, LA RNVR




Hordern, M RN




Horne, FD RN




Housser, HCK RCNVR




Howarth, RB RNVR




Humphreys, PN RN 




Humphreys, PW RN




Hunt, JG RN




Hunt, RG RN




Hunter, HJ RCNVR




Hurle-Hobbs, BHStAH RN




Hutchinson, C RN




Hutchinson, OWG RNVR




Hutton, PJ RNVR








































































































































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