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Callandar, JRC RN




Callingham, GR RN




Cambell, DRF RN




Camp, JP RN




Campbell-Horsfall, CP  RN




Carver, ES RN




Carver, RHP RN




Casson, J RN




Chare, KA RNVR




Charlton, PN RN




Cheesman, VBG RM




Child, ED RN




Chilton, PCS RN




Chute, DT RNVR




Clark, EJ RNVR




Clarke, GR RNVR




Cockburn, JC RN




Collett, JW RN




Colls, SWD RN




Colville-Stewart, H RNVR




Compton, PW RN




Coode, TP RN




Cooke, SG RNVR




Corbet-Milward, NR RN




Cork, RJ RN












Coxon, CRJ RN




Coy, GR RN




Crabbe, JSL RN




Crawford, JA RN




Crawford, NGR RN




Crawford, WH RN




Crosley, RM RNVR




Crossman, J RNVR




Cubitt, LA RN




Cullen, JL RN




























































































































































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