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Fleet Air Arm support to the Allied landings in Sicily, 1943


Forces taking part in Operation Husky, support of landing forces in Sicily, between 10 July and 17 August 1943. Awarded to Squadron numbers: 807, 817, 820, 880, 885, 888, 893, and 899 and HM aircraft carriers: Formidable and Indomitable.

This Operation was the greatest Airborne-Amphibious Operation of WWII; 3,000 ships and landing-craft with 160,000 men (8 Divisions), 14,000 vehicles, 600 tanks and 1800 guns.

Sicily was invaded on 10 July 1943 and by August had been completely captured. The Allies moved on to invade Italy in September and gained their first foothold on the continental mainland since 1940. German forces occupied the peninsula when Italy agreed to an armistice. Rome did not fall to the Allies until 4 June 1944.

Squadron Commanding officers taking part in the Sicily air operations


807 squadron aircrew


Firth, K Lt Cdr (A) RN 





817 squadron aircrew


Corbet-Milward, NR Lt Cdr RN 

till 7 August 1943

May, TW Lt Cdr (A) RN 

from 7 August onwards




820 squadron aircrew


Shrubsole, JCN, Lt Cdr RN 





880 squadron aircrew


Martyn, WH, Lt Cdr RN 





885 squadron aircrew


Carver, RHP Lt Cdr DSC RN 





888 squadron aircrew


Bird, FDG Captain RM 





893 squadron aircrew


French, RG Lt (A) RNVR 





899 squadron aircrew


Walker, RF Lt Cdr (A) RNVR 

till 2 August 1943

Howarth, RB Lt Cdr (A) RNVR

after 2 August 1943






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The 'man who never was' pulled off one of the greatest deceptions in military history--after his death. By David T. Zabecki 


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