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Fleet Air Arm Armourer's 


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Naval Air Mechanic (Ordnance) Branch  of the Royal Navy

"Bombhead is an affectionate term for any member of the 'old' Naval Air Mechanic (Ordnance) Branch, (and  reincarnations since 1970'ish), populated by big, strong Ugh men who seemed capable of  bombing-up an aircraft by hand. They specialise in aircraft armament, ordnance(explosive) items, including ejection seats."

Aa crest.JPG (41782 bytes)Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association website

o        Contact details to Brian Gleeson. Email We look forward to hearing from you

o        The 4x2 is the Magazine of the Fleet Air Arm Armourer's Association

800-804 Squadron Armourers 1942-45 Association 

o        Contact: Tom Brown, 27 Heatherset Gardens, Norbury, London.

SW16 3LS, UK 

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