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Aircraft Handler Branch of the Royal Navy

'The Chockheads'

"Specialist aircraft handling, crash rescue and fire fighting are required at sea on all ships with aircraft embarked. These skills are provided by aircraft handler ratings who are also employed ashore for fire fighting duties, principally at naval air stations. Air Traffic Control provides services ashore at the naval air stations and afloat in warships and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries, air safety in maritime exercises and the tactical control of maritime aircraft together with embarked anti-submarine and anti-surface aircraft." ©MOD(Navy) 

The Aircraft handlers branch of the Royal Navy was formed in 1945, and the duties of Aircraft Handlers were performed by members of all other branches of the Royal Navy, many of whom transferred to the new branch upon it's formation.

Some 10,000 men have served in the branch since it's formation in 1945 and many of them are still scattered around the country and indeed       world wide.

Aircraft Handlers Association website 

The Aircraft Handlers Association
 6 Meadow Crescent
 Tel: (UK) 01332-850471 

The Association publishes it's own periodical magazine called the "Handlers Herald"

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