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Japanese instrument of Surrender onboard USS MISSOURI 1945
Representatives of the Allied Powers. From right to left, General of the Army, Douglas MacArthur, then behind him  and standing in the order in which they would sign the surrender documents are: Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (U. S. Representative), General Hsu Yung-Ch'ang (Republic of China), Admiral Sir Bruce A.Fraser (UK), Lt. General Kuzma Derevyanko (Soviet Union), General Sir Thomas Blamey (Commonwealth of Australia), Colonel L. More Cosgrove (Dominion of
                           Canada), General Jacques Le Clerc (French Republic), Admiral CEL Helfrich (Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Air Vice Marshal Leonard M. Isitt (Dominion of New Zealand).


Commemorating in 2000 the 60th Anniversary of Operation Judgement, night air strike on the Italian fleet and harbour at Taranto 11 November 1940

Admiral Sir Roger R.C. Backhouse                                                       1938-1939 
Admiral Sir Dudley Pound                                                                     1939-1943 
Admiral Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope                                    1943-1946 
Admiral Sir John H.D. Cunningham                                                     1946-1948 
Admiral Lord Fraser of North Cape                                                      1948-1951 
Admiral Sir Rhoderick McGrigor                                                           1951-1955 
Admiral Earl Mountbatten of Burma                                                     1955-1959 

Summary biographies of  wartime Admirals

Admiral Sir Arthur Cunningham
Admiral Sir Dudley Pound 
Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay
Admiral Sir James Somerville
Admiral John Tovey

Admiral Sir Andrew B. Cunningham

Vice Admiral (1936) Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Mediterranean                                                                                            6.6.1939
Promoted Admiral                                                                                      3.1.1941
Appointed GCB                                                                                          11.1.1941
Head of British Admiralty Delegation, Washington DC, USA           4.1942
Appointed Naval Commander-in-Chief, Allied Expeditionary
Force (NXCF) North Africa and Mediterranean                                    10.1942
Promoted Admiral of the Fleet                                                                  21.1.1943
Reappointed Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean                               2.1943
Appointed Admiralty First Sea Lord                                                       16.10.1943
Leaves the Admiralty                                                                                 6.6.1944

Admiral Sir Andrew B. Cunningham biography by 

Admiral Sir Dudley Pound

Admiral Sir Dudley Pound 

CinC Mediterranean                                                                                    ?-1939
Admiral of the Fleet and First Sea Lord                                                   1939 - 1943
Admiral Pound died from a brain tumour                                                 1943

Admiral Sir Dudley Pound biography by

Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay

Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay
Admiral Ramsey

Rear Admiral                                                                                                1935
Chief of Staff. to commander-in-chief of the Home Fleet                      1935
Retired list                                                                                                    1938
Active duty after the declaration of War                                                Sept 1939
Flag Officer Dover                                                                                      1939
Appointed Vice-Admiral, Dover                                                               Oct 1939
Acting rank Admiral Naval C-in-C  Expeditionary force op Torch      July 1942 
Allied Naval Commander, Expeditionary force op Neptune D-day
Died in air crash                                                                                           2.1.1945 

Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay biography by

Admiral Sir James Somerville

Son of New Zealand sheep farmer 
Appointed Vice-Admiral                                                                             Sept 1937
In command of the East Indies station                                                     1938
Order of the Bath and placed on the retired list                                      31 July 1939
Returned to active duty after the declaration of War                             Sept 1939
Appointed  in Command Force H                                                           1939/1940-1941
Appointed in Command Eastern Fleet                                           End 1941-Early 1945
Head of the British Naval Mission in Washington                                1945

Admiral Sir James Somerville biography by

Admiral John Tovey

Rear-Admiral                                                                                                 1935
Rear Admiral (Destroyers) Mediterranean                                               March 1938
Vice Admiral                                                                                                  May 1939
Commander of Allied light forces (Mediterranean)                                 1939
Second-in-command under Cunningham                                                  1939
Acting rank of Admiral                                                                                 1940
Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet                                                     1940
Command the Nore                                                                                        1942?

Admiral John Tovey biography by

Admiral Bruce Austin Fraser (Fraser of North Cape 1st Baron)

Controller of the Navy and Third Sea Lord                                               1.3.1939
Vice-Admiral                                                                                                   8.5.1940
awarded the KBE                                                                                           1941 
Succeeded Admiral Tovey as commander of the Home Fleet                8.5.1943 
Command the far Eastern Fleet                                                                    1944-1945 
Signed the Japanese surrender papers for Great Britain in Tokyo Bay 2.9.1945

Admiral Bruce Fraser biography by 

Admiral Sir Percy Noble

Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches                                              ?-11.1942

Head of the British Naval Mission, Washington DC, USA                      ?-1945

Admiral Sir Percy Noble account in Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100 web.

Admiral Sir Max Kennedy Horton

Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches                              17.11.1942 - Aug 1945 

Admiral Sir Max Kennedy Horton biography by 

Admiral Charles Forbes 

Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet                                                      up till 1940


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