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The following pages aim to bring some of our wartime history to life using a range of multi-media approaches and tools that are available to internet.  You will be able to hear the actual voices of veterans as they recollect their participation in signaificant perios of history, as well as to see or hear clips from wartime archives. 

To date there is extremely limited on-line multi-media information as is reflected here. Watch this space as more information becomes readily available. 

Online Archive and Research Databases

Online Living History Page

Online Living History Sound Clips 

Online Living History Movie Clips 


Sound Archives and audio clips

Prelude to war, 1930s

Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany, On the Sudetenland Crisis 

Hitler's address to the Reichstag 

Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi foreign minister, Address to the German people on England and France 

Howard Hughes, American aviator and manufacturer, On the future of aviation

Amelia Earhart, American aviator, On the future of women in flying

War declared 1939

BBC Broadcast .The invasion of Poland and mobilisation of Great Britain and France were the headlines. Mobilisation of the Navy, Army and air Force. 

Declaration of War by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain, at  11.15am BBC Announcement by Alvar Lidell 

You can imagine what a bitter blow it is to me that my long struggle to win peace has failed..."

The King's Speech to the Nation

Britain goes to War with history details and Declaration of War

Neville Chamberlain's Declaration of War

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain: A recording of his Declaration of War against Germany, 1939. (8.0 Kbps 145K .RA file or 15.2 Kbps 278K .RA file)

BBC Nine O'Clock News immediately after Chamberlain's announcement rare recording of the nine o'clock evening news, read by announcer Bruce Belfrage

BBC News - announcer BruceBelfrage describes the atmosphere in Whitehall as people hear war has been declared

Lord Halifax, Foreign Minister, on British committment to war [1.3MB]

Air raid warnings procedures. BBC Announcements

Cinemas, theatres and places of entertainment to be closed. BBC Announcements

Schools closed for at least a week. Keep off the streets as much as possible.Carry your gas masks with you always. BBC Announcements

President Roosevelt proclaims neutrality FD Roosevelt: "Let no man or woman thoughtlessly or falsely talk of America sending its armies to European fields"

Battle of France, Dunkirk and Battle of Britain 1940

Winston Churchill: A recording of his first radio address as prime minister, c. 1940. (8.0 Kbps 200K .RA file or 15.2 Kbps 382K .RA file)

Winston Churchill, British prime minister, On the Battle of Franc

Winston Churchill, British prime minister, Inaugurates the Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe Song

Sorry your browser doesn't use MS ActiveX and/or you don't have the MS Media Player installed. Winston Churchill "fight them on the beaches.........."

Winston Churchill -- "...this was their finest hour" (148K .wav). 

Churchill Stands Tall, June 4, 1940

News broadcast 15 September 1940

Battle of Britain fighter pilots recollect


CHURCHILL SOCIETY: A sound file will automatically start playing back an extract of one of Churchill's war time speeches

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose
A 60 second WAV file recording of 14 year-old Princess Elizabeth's Radio message in October of 1940, broadcasted to British boys and girls who had been sent for safety abroad 

Attack on Pearl Harbor and America Declares War 1941

Winston Churchill speaking in America about the Nazi campaign in the Eastern front against the Soviet Union

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: A recording of the "Declaration of War on Japan", 1941. ( 8.0 Kbps 328K .RA file , or 15.2 Kbps 625K .RA file )

Franklin D. Roosevelt, thirty-second U.S. president, On the Lend-Lease act

Normandy and the D-Day invasion of Europe 1944

Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme Allied commander, Broadcasts D-Day invasion order 

George Hick's Live Report on D-Day

Franklin D. Roosevelt, thirty-second U.S. president, Addresses the people of France 

John J. Pershing, American general, Addresses the United States from France 

Franklin D. Roosevelt, thirty-second U.S. president, Returns from the Allied conference at Yalta 


See World War II Multimedia database - on Pacific war speeches including of Churchill

TAG Derek Foster (825 squadron Fleet Air Arm) recollects HMS Victorious, as part of Taskforce 57 1945. Click here for the audio clip. His collection is in the Second World War Experience Centre

President Harry S. Truman: A recording-Dropping the A-bomb on Japan, c. 1945. (8.0 Kbps 25K .RA file or 15.2 Kbps 50K .RA file )

Douglas MacArthur, American general, Receives the Japanese surrender 

VJ-day announcement and celebrations

Geoffrey Lawrence, president of the Nuremburg war crimes tribunal, Pronounces sentences against Nazi war criminals 


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