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Sir Winston Churchill

The following pages aim to bring some of our wartime history to life using a range of multi-media approaches and tools that are available to internet.  You will be able to hear the actual voices of veterans as they recollect their participation in signaificant perios of history, as well as to see or hear clips from wartime archives. 

To date there is extremely limited on-line multi-media information as is reflected here. Watch this space as more information becomes readily available. 

Online Archive and Research Databases

Online Living History Page

Online Living History Sound Clips 

Online Living History Movie Clips 

You may need to download Apple Quick Time in order to view this movie.  Click on the graphic below or the link above to get the Apple Quick Time Viewer.

Historic movie clips


·  Search Altavista videos

·  Movie clip trailer Wright Brothers’ Plane (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K

·  Movie clip from the Museum of Berkshire aviation Miles Master II film dated from 1946 in colour

·  Movie clip trailer about Adolf Hitler (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K (WPA Film Library)

·  ·  From Hitler's Home Movies -- Hitler dancing.
60600 K silent .avi OR  MPEG format (259 K silent .mpg)

·  Neville Chamberlain proudly displaying Hitler's autograph (225K silent .mpg)


·  Flight over HMS Rodney (5 secs) 320x240 pixels 842k (MPG) HMS Rodney Home Page

·  ·  Movie clip trailer from Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941(avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K (WPA Film Library

·  Extracts from the wartime film Operation Pedestal
with clips of Operation Pedestal the beginning, featuring HMS Eagle, The Heavy Escort Forms up featuring HMS Formidable, Down to the Mediterranean featuring HMS Furious. 

·  Movie clip trailer from Normandy Invasion (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 28K (WPA Film Library

·  Liberation 42K
A one-minute newsreel sequence showing the liberation of Rennes, France in 1944, including shots of the Allied soldiers marching through town and being greeted ecstatically by local people.

Available footage includes: The Japanese Fleet approaches Hawaii as planes fly off carrier decks and flag officers peer out from the bridge. A jolting montage of combat footage (most of it captured from the Japanese) is followed by footage of Pearl Harbor after the attack. Airfields are in ruins and the battleship Arizona burns while another battleship (probably the Maryland) steers slowly past it. Several other sunk or damaged ships are seen, including the battleships West Virginia and Oklahoma

·  Two multimedia film clips of corsairs by the Whistling death website. Click on the photos to connect to the website.





·  Movie clip trailer from Sounds at the airshow (avi) (Quick Time)(RealVideo) 

Naval Aviation movie list


·  See the Military Aviation Movie List.
Search the Internet Movie Database

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