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UNITED KINGDOM. The Fleet Air Arm web site is on the Royal Navy site.

The FAA originates from November 1913 when the Royal Naval Air Service formed. The Website  includes information about aircraft, the 12 squadrons (702, 750, 771, 800, 801, 810, 814, 819, 820, 847, 848, 849) including their history, deployments, equipment and badge, and back to the main index with Naval bases and the RN Air Stations of Yeovilton, Culdrose and Prestwick. Each with details of Current deployments, Capabilities, Joint Operations, NATO, N. Atlantic, S. Atlantic, UK Mediterranean, Gulf, Far East activities. Also links to information about the aircraft carriers

Also information about the:

  • HMS Invincible, HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal VSTOL Aircraft Carriers
  • HMS Ocean Amphibious Assault Ship 
  • HMS Argus Aviation Support Ship 

Royal Navy website including its search site facility. The main page also links to Airshows, Fleet Days and the International Festival of the Sea.

AUSTRALIA. Link to the Australia's Fleet Air Arm official web site. Includes the following: HC 723 squadron, HS 816 squadron, HS 817 squadron, COMAUSNAVAIR, Royal Australian Navy. For each sqaudron there are sub-headings: equipment, squadron role, personnel, and history. Also to Vortex the magazine of the Australian FAA. 

Link to the Royal Australian Navy 


CANADA. 12 Wing Shearwater Nova Scotia Canada 12 Wing is Canada's home of naval aviation. With 30 CH-124 Sea King helicopters and approximately 1,300 people, 12 Wing proudly supports the Canadian Navy. Also see the Website Canada's Air Force, with information about the three squadrons: 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron (located at Patricia Bay, BC) . The 12 Wing web site reviews the history of Canadian naval Aviation. Also see HISTORY OF THE MILITARY AIR SERVICES OF CANADA

Link to Canadian Navy web page and its Maritime Aircraft. Use the Canadian Navy website Search engine.

NEW ZEALAND. Visit the Royal New Zealand Navy website including the ships which make up the RNZN Fleet are grouped according to their roles: NAVAL COMBAT FORCE The four frigates HMNZS TE KAHA, HMNZS TE MANA, HMNZS WELLINGTON and HMNZS CANTERBURY including their embarked Helicopters.

Under the Navy history web section is the "Kiwi's in the FAA" page, relates the drama and courage of the Kiwi naval aviators! Reference - NZ Defence Quarterly No.10 Spring 1995


  SOUTH AFRICA. Website to the South African Navy including information on ships and history, including about Simon's Town naval base. Under the South African National Defence Force main page is a search engine. Also see the South African Air Force website, and its 75th year celebrations, as the Commonwealth’s second oldest air force  - and the SAAF website on its history page. Also has links to information about Air Force Base Waterkloof, Air Force Base Hoedspruit, Air Force Base Ysterplaat, Air Force Base Durban and Air Force Base Louis Trichardt.

For a full listing and links to Armed Forces of the World click on the map for information links directly from the War. Peace and Security World Wide Web Server

Below are links to the Navies of the World which have Naval or Maritime Aviation Units. 

Argentina: Armada Argentina. Look at the Argentinian Navy Naval avation web page. Divided into Comando de la Aviacion Naval and 5 Area including 3 aitbases eg Base Aeronaval COMANDANTE ESPORA. Including link to the Museo Naval de la Nación Aviones reales que operaron en la Aviación Naval,  and the Naval Aviation Museum. Argentina had the aircraft Carrier Veinticinco De Mayo (Ex-HMS Venerable (ex -Karel Dorman) until the 1990s, long inoperable, was towed away for scrapping in India January 1999. Also see the Naval aviation magazine Mach 1.

Belgium Navy:

Brazil: Look at the the Diretoria de Aeronáutica da Marinha  and the Brazilian Navy web site Marina do Brasil. The light aircraft carrier Minas Gerias (ex HMS Vengeance and ex HMAS Vengeance) is fully operational, but the only aircraft available are SH-3 helicopters. Expected to serve till 2005.There are no active plans to replace this ship.

  • Also see the Forças Armadas Brasileiras WEB Page: In this page you will be able to obtain many information about the Brazilian Armed Forces, like it's history, institutes, doctrines, personalities, characteristics, and many other curiosities and information. Also see the Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha, Navio-Museu BAURU

Bulgaria: Bulgarian Navy 

Chile: Armada de Chile

China: CHINESE MILITARY AVIATION The best page about Chinese air force !!! ENGLISH
WEI JUN's CHINESE NAVY HOME PAGE Unofficial page of the Chinese navy. ENGLISH 

  • Information from Haze and Gray lists : The former Soviet VTOL carrier Minsk now lies in a Chinese port. She is owned by private interests, and will be converted to a casino/hotel/entertainment complex. China apparently intends to build an aircraft carrier, but reliable reports of the details and planned completion date are not availabe

Colombia: Armada Republica de Colombia

Denmark: Denmark Navy

Egyptian Navy Forces

Finland Navy

France: Marine Nationale (France) and Aeronautique Navale - Aeronavale (French Fleet Air Arm) and its FAA website. The French FAA was established in 1912. The website refers to aircraft, seaplanes, carriers, bases, squadrons, sailors and news, history and organisation, links, FFAA team, free ads, and dictionary 

  • Also see the FFAA aircraft carrier page website for details of the current French aircraft carriers: Charles De Gaulle Nuclear Powered Light Multirole Aircraft Carrier, Clemenceau and Foch Light Multirole Aircraft Carriers Jeanne D'Arc Helicopter/Training Cruiser. The site has an alphabetical list with deatils of past and current carriers of France

German Navy and Marineflieger re-established in 1956. Naval Aviation information in the Bundeswehr Navy website.

Greek Hellenic Navy

See the Greek Ministry of National Defence website White Paper for the Armed Forces  re the Greek Fleet's Air Arm : EXOCET, the surface-to-air guided missiles SEA SPARROW and STANDARD, as well as the air-to-air guided missiles PENGUIN fired from the modern SHIKORSKY helicopters. These helicopters, together with the older AB-212 and the new airmaritime co-operation aircraft P-3B, constitute the core of the Fleet’s air-arm.

Indian Navy with in formation about its carriers and naval aircraft

  • See also Haze and Gray for INS Viraat VSTOL Aircraft Carrier (ex-HMS Hermes, ex-Elephant), and  ex INS Vikrant ex-VSTOL Aircraft Carrier  (ex HMS Hercules). Formally decommissioned 31 January 1997. To be preserved as a museum at Mumbai. See Save the Vikrant web site.

Indonesian Navy

Republic of Ireland Defence Forces

Israel Navy 

Marina Militare Italiano

  • See Haze and Gray for information about the aircraft carriers: New Project VSTOL aircraft carrier/amphibious assault ship Giuseppe Garibaldi VSTOL Aircraft Carrier, Vittorio Veneto Helicopter/Training Cruiser, San Giorgio Class Small Amphibious Assault Ships 

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Republic of Korea Navy 

Royal Malaysian Navy 

Royal Netherlands Navy and its Marine Luchtvaartdienst [Navy Air Arm](text in Dutch) (for english summary see Naval Air Arm)

Norwegian Navy

Peruvian Navy

Philippine Navy

Polish Navy

Lotnictwo Marynarki Wojennej (Naval Air Arm). Established 1930. The force has been expanded to include ASW and SAR helicopters. 

Portuguese Navy

Russian Navy 

  • See Haze and Gray for details about: Kuznetsov Multirole Aircraft Carrier, Gorshkov Large Helicopter Cruiser, Note: The VTOL carrier Kiev was towed away for scrap, 5/2000. 

Republic of Singapore Navy

Armada Española (Spain) also see La Armada Española about aircraft carriers etc 

  • See Haze and Gray about Principe De Asturias VSTOL Aircraft Carrier

Sri Lanka Navy 

Swedish Navy

Taiwan (Republic of China)

Royal Thai Navy 

  • Information from Haze and Gray about Chakri Nareubet VSTOL Aircraft Carrier 

Turkish Navy 

Ukrainian Navy 

  • Information from Haze and Gray about the Soviet Union's second real carrier ex-Varyag (Kuznetsov Class) ex-Multirole Aircraft Carrier. Reportedly sold for use as a casino/entertainment complex at Macau, 3/1998, but has not left Nikolayev.

United States Navy 

  • See the US Navy web site for its Aircraft Carriers and for a history of the aircraft carrier in the USN:

8 Nimitz Class Nuclear Powered Multirole Aircraft Carriers
1 Enterprise Nuclear Powered Multirole Aircraft Carrier 
1 John F. Kennedy Multirole Aircraft Carrier 
3 Kitty Hawk Class Multirole Aircraft Carriers (1 stricken)
4 Forrestal Class Multirole Aircraft Carriers (all de-commissioned)
1 ex-Midway ex-Multirole Aircraft Carrier (stricken)
5 Essex Class ex-Fleet Aircraft Carriers (1 stricken and USS Lexington, Hornet, Intrepid, Yorktown all museums)
1 ex-Cabot ex-Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier (sold for scrap/preservation discussions)
6 Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ships
5 Tarawa Class Amphibious Assault Ships
5 Iwo Jima Class Amphibious Assault Ships (all stricken)
1 Inchon (Iwo Jima Class) Mine Countermeasures Support Ship 

  • Also see US Navy Online for any further details and links etc.


Uruguay Navy 

Armada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela 





Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovilton (UK) Europe's premier naval aviation museum.

War, Peace and Security Guide of the Information Resource Centre, of the Canadian Forces College. Information includes, Armed forces of the world (with links to each of the armed forces in A-Z directory), and details on: Contemporary conflicts, International organizations, International relations, Military art and science, Military biography, Military history, Peace and disarmament

World Air Forces web pages include naval aviation forces, divided into Eastern Europe, Latin America,  NATO Countries,  Non-Aligned.

HG&UW World Aircraft Carrier Lists And Photo Gallery from 1913 to 2000
The World Aircraft Carriers Lists are a comprehensive, detailed listing of all the world's aircraft carriers and seaplane tenders, from the start of naval aviation into the 21st century. Every carrier and seaplane tender ever built or planned is listed, with complete technical data, historical sketches and photographs for virtually every ship. There are nearly 1000 high-quality photos linked to the espective ship histories. This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive websites for information about the ships used by the Fleet Air Arm and the Commonwealth. Includes a Master list of RN Carriers and an extensive list of links to other web resources. 


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