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including major losses from naval aviation operations


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The Italian battleship Conte di Cavour after being sunk in shallow water by FAA aircraft from the HMS Illustrious on 12 November, 1942


War at Sea the FAA attacks on Axis warships
Directory of Axis warships sunk and links to the accredited squadrons and Aircraft carriers.

  • Regia Marina Site dedicated to the history of the Italian Navy from June 10 1940 to September 8 1943. Bilingual (English/Italian) site. 
  • Battleship Bismarck Described as "the number one site devoted to our dreaded enemy". Bilingual {Spanish/English} site 


Fleet Air Arm attacks - Axis U-Boats & submarines
Directory of Axis U-Boats and submarines sunk and links to the accredited squadrons and Aircraft carriers

RN Aircraft Carriers sunk by U-Boats


Germany, Italy, French and Axis forces  Fleet Air Arm aces - claims to enemy aircraft destroyed

War on land: Captured allied aircraft
Details of the Fleet Air Arm aircraft captured by the Luftwaffe and Axis forces.


War on land: German Army & strategic land targets
Ports and harbours, oil refineries, airfields, invasion beaches, transport including enemy tanks. 

Surviving Axis Aircraft Carriers, Ships, Aircraft  and Wrecks Today
Focuses on the location of the surviving Axis ships as well as on marine archaeology and ship wrecks, including the Bismarck and the surviving U-Boats.

Recovery and Restoration Projects
Highlighting activities around the world on recovery and restoration of Aircraft Carriers and Ships used by the Fleet Air Arm. Includes information about the operators and restorers of historic ships and warships.

The Model World
An introduction to the world of the model maker, focusing on Axis Navy and Luftwaffe models and reviews about them, and where to buy them, as well as links to modeller societies and SIGs. Includes online purchases (coming soon).

Links to 3-d Kiegsmarine ship raytracing in the german Naval History website

features links and commentary on modeler information resources brought to our attention  by members. This page is updated regularly on-line and an updated version published in the IPMS/USA Modelers' Journal. 

Virtual Axis Aircraft and Ships and Flight Simulation
Fly your own Axis aircraft to combat with your FAA fighter planes. Introducing the world of the Flight Simulator, with links to main websites with over 30000 files. Free downloads of Microsoft Flight Simulator wartime FAA and other WWII Aircraft.

Warships and Airforces of the United Nations Today
Information about the warships used by the former Axis countries today.

Key bibliographic sources. Includes online purchases (coming soon).

Associations and reunions
Ship, Aircraft carrier Associations and reunions, includes German armed forces veterans.

Luftwaffe Historical Associations [June 1999]

  • JG = Jagdgeschwader: Nachtjagd = night fighter
  • JG1/JG11: Eberhard Burath, Norderallee 3 a, 24939 Flensburg: tel 04 61 569 94
  • JG2: Paul Müngersdorff, Zum Mühlenberg 58, 53844 Troisdorf: tel 0 22 41 40 42 49
  • JG3: Gerhard Baeker, Immelmannstrasse 10, 53757 Sankt Augustin: tel 0 22 41 271 89
  • JG5: Ernst Scheufele, Kastanienweg 8, 64548 Mürfelden-Walldorf: tel 0 61 05 744 77
  • JG26: Werner Molge, Schenefelder Platz 4, 22869 Schenefeld: tel 0 40 830 58 72
  • JG27: Sighart Dinkel, Postfach 1145, 69169 Lelmen: tel 0 62 24 720 76
  • JG51: Dr. Heinz Lange, Ferd.-Stucker-Strasse 12, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach: tel 0 22 04 551 54
  • JG52: Alfons Altmeier, Dohrerweg 4, 58814 Faid: tel 0 26 71 48 65
  • JG53: Walter Seiz, Am Schieferbuckel 24, 72760 Reutlingen: tel 0 71 21 34 68 22
  • JG54: Hanns Veit v. Obernitz, Frühlingstrasse 6, 86482 Aystetten: tel 08 21 48 10 55
  • JG77: Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, Holzhäuser Strasse 13, 31812 Bad Pyrmont: tel 0 52 81 60 99 06
  • JG301/JG302: Willi Reschke, Gartenstrasse 3, 99105 Stotternheim: tel 0 36 04 508 89
  • JG400: Dr.-Ing. E. h. Reinhard Opitz, Hermann-Fleitmann-Weg 9, 44265 Dortmund: tel 0 23 04 686 29
  • Me 262-Verbände: Alfred Ambs, Harztalstrasse 51, 83714 Miesbach: tel 0 80 25 15 32
  • Nachtjagd-Geschwader: Horst Diener, Kaiserstrasse 191, 44143 Dortmund: tel 0231 59 4116: Herbert A W Thomas, Velsstrasse 46, 44803 Bochum: tel 02 34 35 25 39

Axis Ship, Aircraft Carrier and Aircraft Museums

Discussion groups
Highlighted news and events. Including German Armed Forces in World War II online forum , U-Boat News , Luftwaffe Discussion Board, 12 O'Clock High and the  Battleship Bismarck Forum

Luftwaffe Bullet Board

Axis forces in the News
Highlighted news and events, including U-Boat net news and Germany in the News.  Wreckage from Japanese aircraft carrier sunk at Battle of Midway identified

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Website Directories and Databases
with Axis war against the FAA information

German Armed Forces in WWII: Regarded as one of the premier websites on the military history of the German Armed Forces and European Axis Allies from 1919-1945. This site focuses on the history of the military, paramilitary and auxiliary units and formations of the post WWI and WWII era German and Axis forces. There are well over 1,500 unit histories online.  The contents include: [Main], [1919-1935] [Heer] [Luftwaffe] [Kriegsmarine][Waffen-SS] [Auxiliary][Axis Allies], [Foreign], [Collaboration], [JULY 10TH], [Search], [Online Forum], [News], [Campaigns], [Medals], [Veterans], [Glossary], [Bibliography] 

German Kriegsmarine Encyclopedia. Very comprehensive and detailed website divided into the categories: History, Kriegsmarine (with detailed A-Z of ships including technical data, photos and plans, history, operations and battle honours), Hochsee Flotte, Z-Plan, Operations, Captured Ships, Naval Aviation, Victories. 

Described as"The ultimate website related to the history of Bismarck and Tirpitz. A lot of info, drawings and photos".

The U-Boat bases. Lists with details the french U-boat bases which were well known to FAA aircrews in WW2. 

U-Boat Net The most comprehensive website about the U-Boat and the Second World War. Sections include [The Boats],  [The Men], [The History], [The Allies],  [The Books], [The Gallery]. The site also includes sections [New], and [Search]

It contains an enormous database where all 1153 U-boats and all 1,411 U-boat commanders in WWII are profiled. Categories are divided into Ships and Navies, Aircraft and airforces, Personalities, Weapons and technologies, The War at Sea, the ASW warfare, The Air Offensive, and Allied Military losses. It also includes a small amount of information on FAA aircraft and details of U-boats sunk by the FAA and RN in Carrier-based aircraft (see escort carriers, TBF Avenger, F4F Wildcat/Martlet and Fairey Swordfish), also includes U-boat-successes against aircraft including FAA. 

Military Naval Technology data sheets: a website dedicated to data about the world's navies in WW1 and WW2. Military Naval Technology started by publishing pages with the focus on the German navy and to describe the evolution of naval technology from the beginning of the century to the end of WW II. Datasheets exist for the Allied and Axis counties on the following: Battleships,  Battlecruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Seaplane Tenders, Cruisers, Destroyers, Torpedo Boats, Submarines and    Minor Craft.

La Regia Marina; Directory of names and statistics of the main units of the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy), its 6 battleships, two of them of modern 35,000 ton.. type (Littorio type), 7 cruisers of 10,000 ton, 12 light cruisers between 5.000 and 8.000 ton, 12 flotilla leader destroyers, 28 modern destroyers, 19 old model destroyers, 69 torpedo boats,  117 submarines of varied type and tonnage.

HG&UW Naval History Information Center. World warship Lists And Photo Gallery from 1913 to 2000. 
The Center provides warship data as a comprehensive, detailed listing of all the world's battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and seaplane tenders, from the start of naval aviation into the 21st century. Every warship, battleship, carrier and seaplane tender ever built or planned is listed, with complete technical data, historical sketches and photographs for virtually every ship. There are nearly 1000 high-quality photos linked to the respective ship histories. This is perhaps one of the most comprehensive websites for information about the ships used by all the World's Navies during WWII and after. Includes details for the German, Italian, Japanese, and Vichy French warships and links to other web resources. 

Nihon Kaigun Imperial Japanese Navy A website dedicated to the Imperial Japanese navy during World War II. There is comprehjesivre information about its naval aviation corps, consisting of 10 aircraft carriers and 1500 aviators, and its 11 battleships among the most powerful in the world. 

Internet-Museum of Imperial Japanese Airplane

Warships of the world. This site includes information and links to all the Axis warhips and naval air wings during WWII. Including Germany, Japan, Italy, and Vichy France 

Warbirds Resource Group, with partners for Axis Aviation, Luftwaffe, Imperial Japanese, and also to Allies and their Aviation Resources. Luftwaffe and Japanse information is divided into categories: Fighters and destroyers, bombers and ground attack, Seaplanes, bombs and torpedoes, Power plants, pilot and unit information, restioration projects, books and organisations, etc. 

Sturmvogel: This site is intended to provide a resource for information on the European Axis and neutral Air Forces of the Second World War. Categories include: Abbreviations, Designations and Organizations, Bibliography, Munich, Air Enthusiast/International Index, Aviation Essays, Orders of Battle, Links, Wargaming. 

Das Flugzeugarchiv der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1939 bis 1945 [The Aircraft Archive of the German Airforce 1939 to 1945]. One of the most comprehensive Luiftwaffe websites, and part of the Unsere Luftwaffe web, with technical details and histories for key German aircraft and airmen, including many wartime colour photographs. Has a useful Search facility. Website in German. 

The Luftwaffe 1933-1945 website includes : What's new, Air units, Ground units, Articles, Miscellaneous, Orders of Battle, Equipment, Sources and Books, Links, Discussion Board. 

The Luftwaffe Archives & Records Reference Group (LWAG) was founded in June 2000 by a loose-knit group of 50 prominent aviation archivists, historians, webmasters and authors, all specializing in the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War.  LWAG's membership literally scans the globe, with active participation from more than a dozen countries around the world.

Luftwaffe Database, with extensive facts and figures and a contents list which includes: Organisation, command ranks, best of the breed, highest award winners, scorring and awards, axis aircraft markings, personnel files. 

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces and their Aircraft. Currently a small website but with details of a handfull of Luftwaffe Aces and their aircraft, including aircraft profiles.

Unsere Luftwaffe. German language website  - source of historical information on the types of aircraft flown by the german Luftwaffe before and during the Second World War. Also includes a Luftwaffe Forum.

LUFTWAFFE SIG HOME PAGE (special interest group Luftwaffe in Norway). Details of the Fuftwaffe forces that were to prove themselves against the Arctic Convoys and the FAA raids on Tirpitz. 

Achtung Panzer, the history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe. Contents include detailed profiles and operational histories of panzer tanks by class, vehicles of the Wehrmacht, Militatry links, Bron Pancerna polish tanks, a forum and a search tool. 

Das Deutsche Afrika-Korps  Comprehensive website with a detailed content list, including information about the command structure, airfields, aircraft, renown pilots, uniforms, and even music to download (eg Download HERE Lili Marleen Lili Marleen) 

FINLAND IN WORLD WAR II. Website with general history and linked web pages on Finnish Air Force with information about individual aircraft and aces, Military and War, Links. 

VERMISTEN UND TOTEN DATABANK:  A site listing all the known fatalities and missing person person of the German Armed forces during both World War I and World War II.

Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) for the notification of next-of-kin of members of the  former German Wehrmacht who were killed in action. The site is a must for anyone tracing freinds or realtives who served in the Wehrmact, Luftwaffe, Kreigmarine or Waffen SS. In excess of 2.100.000 personal files on German naval personnel (Imperial German Navy, forerunner to the Reichsmarine, Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, German Minesweeping Service and drafted merchant seamen) for the period 1871-1947. Over 15.000.000 files on German and Austrian forces and their allies who were P.o.Ws. (mainly in French, American and British custody). Release documents on transports (repatriations) from the East. Approximately 1.500.000 files (residue) on foreign P.o.Ws. in German custody.

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