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Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve


FAA Archive 1939-1945 Fleet Air Arm Associations
FAA Archive 1939-1945 Commonwealth Naval Aviation Associations
FAA Archive 1939-1945 Naval and HM Ship Associations
FAA Archive 1939-1945 General Military Associations


United Kingdom: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

Australia: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

Canada: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

France: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

India: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

New Zealand: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

South Africa: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts

USA: Naval Aviation Veteran Associations and Trusts


The FAAOA exits as a focal point for all who are professionally and socially bound together by their common interest and vocation in Naval Aviation. It provides a link of friendship between the serving and the retired, the young and old, not provided in any other form. Although the FAAOA is not a political pressure group, we do retain a keen interest in Naval Air Power and our Defence Sub-committee can advise at high level if there is any sign of degradation or denigration to our national defence interests.

Fleet Air Arm Association

Do you know that there is an official Association that exists to perpetuate the comradeship which began in the Service, to foster good fellowship, render services to one another and promote social gatherings amongst members? To assist members in matters relating to welfare. To maintain a close relationship with the Service and to inform the general public of the past traditions and present function of the Fleet Air Arm.

Fleet Air Arm Aircrewmans Association
Our Membership is approaching 300 and is literally world-wide and members come from all walks of life from publicans to policemen, window cleaners to Wing Commanders and ambulance men to airline pilots. The ACA can offer far more than can be printed here, but even if you just want to stay in touch with oppos and have some good runs, please get in touch. Although not always known as Aircrewmen, we have been around for longer than many realise. During the second World War the first generation were called 'Telegraphist Air Gunners' (TAG's).In early 1974 that the 'Aircrewman Branch' became a reality.

Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association
The Association was formed in 1989 for all serving and retired Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm weapons mechanics, known lovingly as "BOMBHEADS". In addition to the annual reunion, a most informative and amusing, nay at times hilarious, news letter, the 4 x 2, is published on a regular basis by our esteemed Secretary/Treasurer in deepest darkest Kent.

Telegraphist Air Gunners Association TAGA

Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGS) operated in FAA aircraft from 1922 - 1950, providing communications by Morse code and manning the rear gun, 3,000 TAGS were trained in the branches 28 year life span, 495 were lost through enemy action and / or flying accidents, 69 became Prisoners of War. The first unofficial gathering of TAGS was in 1947. TAGS first flew with the RAF's Fleet Air Arm in 1922. The very last TAG served as such until 1950.
Full Membership of the Association is open to all Ex Members of The Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew worldwide. Associate membership may be available, at the discretion of the committee, to people who have maintained a close relationship with Fleet Air Arm Field Gunning. The Association was founded in 1969 and the aims of the Association are : To afford Members a means of social intercourse and, with a common interest, perpetuate the principles of Field Gunning, that of team spirit, camaradarie and mutual support.

The SHT is an educational charity whose mission is to ensure the unique British Heritage collection of aircraft that is the Royal Navy Historic Flight, continue to fly long into the future. They delight millions with their air displays nation-wide and as an education to future generations. The aim is to preserve the opportunity for future generations to best understand the nature of those who built, maintained operated and fought in, Naval aircraft of the past, by experiencing the reality of the sound, smell and the sight of the - actually flying.


The purpose of this message is to introduce you to who we are, what we are and why. We are a group of people with one thing in common, we served or are still serving in what we firmly believe is the finest branch of the Royal Navy. The Aircraft Handler Branch, which has a reputation for comradeship, reliability and professionalism that is second to none. The Association was formed in September 1987 by Roger Fisher and myself, sadly Roger died in a tragic accident in 1989 and did not see the Association grow to it's present strength.

Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators AES OP Providing Info and Links for and about serving Canadian Forces AES OPs and Retired Members! The Site contains plenty of aviation related events,stories, history and photos. Updates are frequent, so check the update times in the Index and visit often! All AES OPs, (including former AESOs, Observers, Radio Navigators, Naval Aircrewmen and Observer's Mates) are invited to enter their email addresses in the "AES OPs in CyberSpace" Page. See history


ARNO is both a Charitable Trust and a Social Fellowship for Serving and Retired Commissioned Officers of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, the former Women's Royal Naval Service, and their Reserves.

The Aircrew Association

Membership eligibility is determined by one single criterion: that the applicant has been awarded a flying badge denoting qualification within an officially recognized aircrew category of HM Armed Forces, and the Armed Forces of Allied Nations, subject to approval by the Executive Council. With branches all over U.K. and in France, Canada, Australia, U.S.A. and Spain, we are especially pleased to welcome an ever increasing number of overseas members. Everyone is kept in touch by means of the Association's quarterly magazine - "Intercom" in which the squadron number of every new member is featured. Not surprisingly, Intercom has been instrumental in tracing many old friends. Young Surfers! If your Dad, Uncle, Grandad or any other friend or family member is flying, or has flown in the RAF, Royal Navy, Army, call him now!

Hereford Branch - Dedicated to over 55,000 Aircrew who lost their lives in the Battle of Britain, of which over 28,000 were AirGunners - Without their efforts, we would not have our FREEDOM!

Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA)
is a forward looking membership organisation and a registered charity. With 100,000 members world-wide we provide friendship and welfare support for serving and ex-serving RAF personnel and their dependants - over 47,000 individuals are helped each year.

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
exists to provide assistance to those of the extended Royal Air Force Family who need support as a consequence of sickness, disability, accident, infirmity, poverty or other adversity. This extended family embraces all ranks, male and female, who are serving or have served in the Royal Air Force or its associated Air Forces and their dependants.

Royal Air Forces Ex-POW Association

Air Britain
Air-Britain is THE International Association of Aviation Historians run by enthusiasts providing information, second to none, for enthusiasts worldwide. Air-Britain was formed in 1948 and set up their first Web site in August 1996. This is continually growing and changing, which is not surprising as we publish hundreds of pages of information every month. Air-Britain Membership Secretary, Howard J Nash, "The Haven", Blacklands Lane, Sudbourne, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2AX, UK E-mail:

The Guild of Aviation Artists:
The Guild of Aviation Artists was founded in 1971 and incorporates the Society of Aviation Artists and is registered as a Specially Authorized Friendly Society. As such the Guild is a professional non-profit-making body, that exists to promote all forms of aviation art through the organization of exhibitions and meetings and the interchange of ideas between it's members. The Guild has a London office and 8 picture stores, near to Vauxhall Bridge, (visits by appointment only).

Royal Air Force Club
Accommodation, menu conference banqueting bar restaurant gourmet food drink eating, membership social calendar events

Royal Wings
Royal Wings RAF Body - The Unofficial RAF Homepage. Links to Royal Air Force sites, news, discussion.

Soldiers Sailors Airmens Families Association
Forces Help The Services Families Charity now in it's 115th Year

is a National Charity specifically for limbless Ex-Service men and women. The Association also accepts responsibility for the dependents of its members and, in particular, their widows.

A gateway to WREN W.R.N.S. Associations around the world, including British Associations of Wrens W.R.N.S., Canadian Associations of Wrens W.R.C.N.S., Australian Associations of Wrens W.R.N.S.

The official website of the International Plastic Modellers Society (U.K.) Fleet Air Arm Special Interest Group (IPMS (UK) FAA SIG).


Magazine: 'Slipstream'
FAA Association of Australia Division Secretaries
Ron Christie, 15 Bianca Crt, Rowville, Victoria, 3178
Tel: +61 (0)3 9764 5542
Fax: +61 (0)3 9755 5417

Peter Schilling, 21 Ashcroft Cres., Monash, ACT, 2611
Tel: +61 (0)2 6291 4681
Fax: +61 (0)2 6289 4711

South Australia
Mr Dinsley Cooper, 17 Athol Ave, Blair Athol, SA, 5084
Tel: +61 (0)8 8344 8812

Tel: +61 (0)7 5499 3809

Mike Heneghen, P.O.Box 28, Nowra, NSW, 2541
Tel/Fax: +61 (0)2 4441 2901

Alan Andrews, P.O.Box 88, Exeter, TAS, 7275
Tel: +61 (0)3 6394 3448

Western Australia
Theo Bushe-Jones, P.O.Box 8336, Stirling St., Perth, WA, 6841
Tel/Fax: 61 (0)8 9527 9186

In 1998 the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm had its 50th Anniversary reunion at HMAS Albatross, Nowra, NSW, Australia (see link)
Australian Naval Aviation Museum Society
P.O.Box A15 Naval Post Office Nowra,
New South Wales, 2540
The FAA Jubilee reunion was at ALBATROSS from October 28 to November 2, and ALBATROSS's 50th, 1998
Mr Lehan asked that former personnel send their contact details, along with details of known ex-FAA shipmates, to him at the FAA 50th Anniversary Committee, PO Box A15, Naval PO, Nowra, NSW 2540, fax (02) 4421 (1999).
Includes former FAA and RN Naval Aviation members
The Naval Association of Australia, which began its life in 1920 as the Ex-Navalmens Association, is the premier organisation outside of Navy looking to the interests of both serving and ex naval members. It now embraces all ranks and both men and women.
Magazine: White Ensign

Royal Australian Navy Gliding Association

 Representing the Australian Armed Forces who served in Japan 1945 to 1952


Annual Remembrance of 'Operation Pedestal' - convoy that saved Malta and helped turn WWII in favour of the allies.
Victor J Vassallo 9 Cavalier St, Doncaster East, Victoria, 3109.
Tel: +61 (0)3 9842 6434
27 Little Collins St., Melbourne, Victoria 3000,
Tel: +61 (0)3 9650 4741
Fax: +61 (0)3 9650 6529
P.O.Box 309 Mt Waverley,
Victoria 3149
Tel: +61 (0)3 9888 1977
Fax: +61 (0)3 9888 1083
Magazine: 'The Navy', published 1920-1932: 1938 to present date - Index available. Centenary in 2000.
Magazine: 'The Navy'
Swinburne Street, North Geelong.
President: Bryant Attwood
P.O.Box 104, Geelong, Victoria, 3220
Tel: +61 (0)3 5227 0209
Fax: +61 (0)3 5227 0209
Open Daily 1000 - 1600 except Tuesdays and Thursdays
Locked Bag 12, Pyrmont, New South Wales, 2009.
Tel: +61 (0)2 9359 2491
Fax: +61 (0)2 9359 2499


Odd Bods UK Association
Australians who served in non RAAF units in Europe and Middle East) Hon Secretary: G V Smith, 40 Ireland St., Ringwood, Victoria, 3134, Australia: tel (03) 9847-0617: email:


Canadian Naval Air Group (CNAG)
Welcome to the Canadian Naval Air Group Internet site! This site is dedicated to the Men and Women who have endeavoured to perpetuate the traditions of the Royal Canadian Naval Air Arm. While here, be sure to check out all CNAG chapter home pages to keep up to date on the latest news. With typical Naval Air alacrity and ingenuity the organization has grown in size and can now boast of Chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Trenton and, of course, the alma mater of Naval Air, Shearwater (Atlantic Chapter). Among its many pursuits, CNAG actively supports the Shearwater Aviation Museum and CNAG members are continually on the lookout for artifacts and memorabilia associated with Naval Air for display in the museum. One of the more noteworthy achievements in this regard was accomplished by the Tracker Chapter, headquartered in Toronto, who located and took possession of a badly deteriorated Swordfish aircraft from a farmer's field, and over several years managed top restore           the aircraft to flying condition before seeing it placed in the museum.

Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators AES OP Providing Info and Links for and about serving Canadian Forces AES OPs and Retired Members! The Site contains plenty of aviation related events,stories, history and photos. Updates are frequent, so check the update times in the Index and visit often! All AES OPs, (including former AESOs, Observers, Radio Navigators, Naval Aircrewmen and Observer's Mates) are invited to enter their email addresses in the "AES OPs in CyberSpace" Page. See history
www: Airborne Electronic Sensor Operators AES OP
(as of from 2000 at

Friends of Maritime Aviation (FOMA)/Amis De l'Aviation Maritime (ADAM)
Friends of Maritime Aviation(FOMA) is an advocacy group whose objective is to promote public awareness of Maritime Aviation requirements and the critical role Maritime Aviation plays in meeting Canada's domestic, foreign policy and international security commitments.

Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation and Shearwater Aviation Museum

Naval Air Net:
Includes information on Royal Canadian Naval Air Squadrons, The squadrons that were part of the RCN, their squadron crests and a synopsis, Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft -The naval aircraft that served with the RCN, their pictures, history and specifications. Significant Ships Of The Canadian Carrier Era  'Significant' ships that served during the Canadian Carrier era, their crests, pictures and a synopsis. NAVAIRGEN Come and join the NAVal AIR GENeral mailing list for friendly discussion and dissemination of useful information for those who have served as part of Naval Aviation. Canadian Naval Air Group (CNAG)  The Canadian Naval Air Group, formed by and for those who have served as part of Canadian Naval Aviation. ICQ
A quick and easy way to keep in touch with comrades worldwide, a separate Naval Air list  could be formed if interest is shown.  2000 Edition Of The Newsletter Of The Canadian Naval Aviators & Associates E-Mail Directory A large listing of names, e-mail addresses and bios, most of whom were part of Naval Aviation. Picture From The Past, Remember When? Anecdotes, excerpts and stories that might prove interesting - check it out! Naval Aviation Specific Links A great set of links specific to Naval Aviation!

Canadian Fighter Pilots Association
c/o RCAF Officers Mess, 158 Gloucester Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0A6 wpe2.jpg (4593 bytes)Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve Navy League of Canada The Naval Officers Association of Canada (NOAC)

Canadian Naval Reserve

Naval Club of Toronto - Royal Naval Association,  Southern Ontario Branch

Vancouver Naval Veterans Association

Royal Canadian Legion
The Royal Canadian Legion welcomes you to its website. We are Canada's largest veterans', ex-service persons' and community service organization with more than 500,000 members and 1,600 branches in Canada, the USA (20) and Germany (3). We put more than $350 million into our communities each year and provide services to veterans, ex-service persons, seniors, youth and numerous community-based charities. We do it for our veterans and those who have served in Canada's military forces, to whom we owe so much; and the fallen, to whom our debt can never be repaid. Browse the site and find out what the Legion really is.
Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) The Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) is a Corporation created to relieve the distress and promote the well- being of individuals who have served in the Naval Forces of Canada, up until 31 January, 1968, and the Merchant Navy War Veterans as they are defined by Section 6,s.s.1 of The Merchant Navy Veteran and Civilian War-Related Benefits Act, R.S.C. 1992, c.24, and their dependants.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society CAHSthe Home Page of the Society dedicated to the preservation of Canada’s flying heritage with the objectives as stated in our Federal Charter: To support and encourage research into Canadian aeronautical history, to foster the collection and dissemination of knowledge.

Canadian Armourer's Site
A source of reference, information and announcements, this site is addressed to all those interested in Canadian aviation art - particularly to artists, who, through their works, express their affinity to Canadian aeronautical heritage. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Robert Spence, Muirkirk, Ontario(Spence Vintage Airworks, near Muirkirk in southwestern Ontario's Kent County)
Robert Spence rebuilt, owns and currently flies one of only three airworthy Fairy Swordfish aircraft in the world. His historic World War II aircraft took 22 years to rebuild and is the only one of its kind to be registered privately. Spence is aged 65, a COPA Pioneer and currently flies the Swordfish and a Chipmunk. His is a most remarkable effort, achieved with the help of many volunteers and without any government financial support.(see Canadian and Owners Pilot Association COPA awards Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
Tel.: 519-8429922, Home page:, Tillsonburg Airport, Tillsonburg, ON, N4S 8A2 Model Aeronautics Association of Canada
5100 South Service Road, Unit #9, Burlington,ON, L7L 6A5. Tel.: 905-632-9808; Fax: 905-632-3304; E-mail:; Home Page:
  ARDHAN : French Fleet Air Arm historical association French Naval Aviation helicopters
helicopters, squadrons, schools and news of the French "Aeronavale" INS Vikrant
A site dedicated to the preservation of the Indian and former RN aircraft carrier. INDIAN AIR FORCE MUSEUM _ VIONTAGE AIRCRAFT FLIGHT
The Indian Air Force Museum IAF Vintage Aircraft Flight webpage (also see alternative website Vintage Aircraft Flight) IAF Historic flight which maintains the only flyable examples of the Tigermoth, Spitfire, Vampire and Ajeet aircraft in IndiaA NEW ZEALAND FLEET AIR ARM NATIONAL CONVENTIONS

Contact Leo Ferguson. +64 07 853 7557

Royal New Zealand Naval Association New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum Navy League of New Zealand See Archive information Royal New Zealand Air Forces Association
Secretary: Wally Lake, Box  2989, Wellington, New Zealand: phone & fax +64 4 389 7721:
RNZAF website : RNZAF Museum South Africa Historic Flight The Royal Naval Association at Long Beach California, USA American Association of Naval Aviation
ANA is the professional, non-profit, educational and fraternal society of Naval Aviation, whose main purpose is to educate the public and our national leaders on the vital roles of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aviation as key elements of our national defense posture. Tailhook Association
Tailhook Association membership is open to anyone who has made an arrested carrier landing. Additionally, Associate Membership is open to anyone who has the desire to support U.S. Naval Carrier Aviation and the goals of the Tailhook Association.The genesis of the current Tailhook Association was the first Tailhook Reunion held at Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Republic of Mexico, in 1956. From this small gathering, our annual reunions and the Association have grown in size and professional stature. In 1968, in order to ensure its continuous growth, The Tailhook Association was incorporated in the state of California as a non-profit organization with the general purposes of engaging in a continuing series of activities, assemblages, conferences, symposia, and meetings designed to foster, encourage, support, develop, study, and educate interested persons in the aircraft carrier, carrier aircraft, carrier pilots and carrier aircrewmen, by creating an appropriate intellectual climate for all interested persons, and to carry on other educational and scientific activities.Regular Tailhook Association membership is open to anyone who has made an arrested carrier landing. Additionally, Associate Membership is open to anyone who has the desire to support U.S. Naval Carrier Aviation and the goals of the Tailhook Association. VPNAVY U. S. Navy Patrol Squadrons ESCORT CARRIER SAILORS AND AIRMEN ASSOCIATION Naval Aviation Technical Training Navy Carrier Society
The Navy Carrier Society is the AMA recognized Special Interest Group for C/L Carrier flyers. There are 3 official carrier events flown around the United States, Class I, Class II and Profile Carrier. There are also several unofficial events, Sportsman Profile Carrier, .15 Carrier, Sig Skyray .35 Carrier and Nostaglia Carrier. Almost all of the events are scored and flown the same way. Society Naval flight surgeons
The Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS) was founded in 1976 "to advance the science, art, and practice of Aerospace Medicine and the mission of the United States Navy; to foster professional development of its members and enhance the practice of Aerospace Medicine within the Navy; to strengthen professional and fraternal ties; and to optimize the solidarity and professional standing of Naval Flight Surgeons and other aerospace medicine professionals."

Dedicated to American Aces, Honorees, Friends and Widows. THE AMERICAN FIGHTER ACES AND FRIENDS BULLETIN is published by the American Fighter Aces Association in conjunction with the American Fighter Aces Museun Foundation.


The American Society Of Aviation Artists
A non-profit organization founded in 1986 which provides a service to artists and those who cherish art. ASAA brings together persons who share a love of art and aviationArtist Fellows, Artist Members and Associates in an organization that challenges itself to the furtherance of creative works that are unique to aviation and aerospace. The five founding members share an average of over 45 years' experience in the field of aviation art. Keith Ferris, Jo Kotula, Bob McCall, R.G. Smith and Ren Wicks have produced some of the most famous and award winning aviation and aerospace paintings in the world. Chief among their goals is to affirm standards of professionalism, authenticity and artistic quality in aviation art. They welcome you to our rapidly growing organization to experience the learning, inspiration and camaraderie that comes with ASAA membership. National Aviation Education and Training Center's Homepage US Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS) and reunion AMDO Association
AMDO was formed in 1992 and supports active, retired, reserve and former AMDOs throughout the world. Here you will find all kinds of information for the AMDO community (such as breaking community news, highlights from the latest AMDO Association Newsletter, links to Web Sites of interest to AMDOs, jobs and job-related information, AMDO resumes on-line, AMDO community history, links to AMDO-related Navy organizations, etc). Click on the page titles around the AMDO patch above. What's an AMDO? Its the Navy's Aerospace Maintenance Duty Officer. Designators are 1520, 1524, 1525 and 1527. There are around 500 male and female officers from Ensign to Rear Admiral on active duty filling critical roles in aviation maintenance throughout the fleet - in squadrons, aboard aircraft carriers, in fleet replacement and training squadrons, and at fleet and headquarters staffs. Learn more about the AMDO community here. NAVY LEAGUE OF THE UNITED STATES

FLEET AIR ARM Model Specialist Interest Group
The USA official homepage of the American Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Special Interest Group. The SIG is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to the modelling, and study, of the aircraft and history of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

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