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(Click on photographs below to download aircraft or go to the FAA Archive page for free downloads of FAA and Commonwealth FS and CFS aircraft carriers and ships 1939-1945)

Note!   Unless otherwise indicated, all FS aircraft on this page require Flight Shop  if you are using FS5 or FS5.1; otherwise, they require the free Microsoft   FS6 Flight Shop Converter   (493k) if you currently use FS6

Combat Flight Centre includes free aircraft downloads, add ons and missions, including the Taranto Raid by Fairey Swordfish in 1940.

Royal Navy Aviation Collection an FS98 and CFS add-on of VFR Scenery Ltd tracing the history of the British Royal Navy’s air service from its birth in the 1920’s to the 21st Century. Produced in conjunction with the Royal Navy Historic Flight. A percentage of the sale price of this CD will go to the upkeep of the historic aircraft kept at RNAS Yeovilton.

Fighter squadron Ultra-realistic World War II flight simulator! 
Fighter Squadron: The Screamin’ Demons Over Europe delivers combat so real, you’ll wish you weren’t such a damn hero. System Requirements – Minimums for Windows®: 266 MHz Pentium™ 2 processor, PCI based card with 2MB RAM 16 bit high color (640X480), 100% Windows 95-98 compatible computer system (including compatible 32 bit drivers for CD-ROM drive (300k/sec sustained transfer rate), requires 30MB uncompressed disk space for game files plus 255MB for the Windows SWAP file (total 285MB), quad speed CD-ROM drive (300k/sec sustained transfer rate), 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card (digital and FM/MIDI audio), English language Windows 95-98 operating system, mouse. 

Royal Navy Schemes for the Fighter Squadron - The Screamin' Demons Over Europe (FS-SDOE) community: Includes Barracuda, Seafire, Martlet and Corsair in various WW2 paint schemes.


See also SimAviation Quality Freeware Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-ons & Aviation Enthusiasts. Includes many pages of free downloadable Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator aircraft. See selection of Naval Aircraft below.

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Flight Simulator scenery of England and Wales - includes the Fleet Air Arm HQ 1939-1945, HMS Daedalus, Lee on Solent



UK2000 Part 3 SouthEast scenery airfields

Lee on Solent landscape(UK2000 Part 3 SouthEast scenery airfields)

UK2000 Commercial Quality Scenery For FS2000 and FS98!
UK2000 Part3 is a collection of 24Airports in the southeast of England made to remarkable quality and realism. All the airports are based on real photographs and aviation charts which sets a new standard in  scenery design and brings the flight sim
pilot closer to reality.

Download Scenery- shareware

Lee on Solent landscape (UK2000 Part 3 SouthEast scenery airfields)

Screenshot on the ground depicting the wartime hangers including the Dunninbg Hnager in the background at the virtual HMS Daedalus Size: 290,843

CFS scenery--Portsmouth England Naval Base.

Includes a large naval base with ships, docks and cranes, warehouses, and factories. there is also the town of Portsmouth UK and a radar station at Gosport across the harbor. There is also Gosport up to Lee on Solent also.

Fly the Fleet Air Arm Aircraft



Avro ANSON (43 Kb)

Avro Anson
Avro Anson 1 (43Kb) from Brents and Guys Flight Simulator Site


Fairey Barracuda 830 squadron 1944, HMS Furious, Arctic Norway

Barracuda 6M, 830 Squadron, Royal Navy, HMS Furious, July 1944. This aircraft took part in Operation 'Mascot', one of the many attacks mounted against the German battleship Tirpitz while she lurked in Norwegian fjords.

Barracuda Unit for FS-SDOE

Fairey Barracuda 810 squadron 1944, HMS Illustrious, Pacific Ocean

Barracuda 5-C, 810 Squadron, Royal Navy, HMS Illustrious, April 1944. This very dark blue livery was worn by Illustrious' Barracudas while operating in the Indian Ocean in company with the American carrier USS Saratoga.

Barracuda Unit for FS-SDOE

Fairey Barracuda 827 squadron 1945, HMS Vengeance, British Pacific Fleet

Barracuda 374, 827 Squadron, Royal Navy, HMS Vengeance, 1945. The style of national markings varied greatly on British aircraft in the Far East during the Second World War and this is a very late-war variation. The letter on the tail is the carrier code, 'A' indicating HMS Vengeance.

Barracuda Unit for FS-SDOE 

Chance Vought F4U CORSAIR

Chance Vought Corsair Mk I (F4U-1) 1835 squadron

Corsair JT172, 5-P, 1835 Squadron, Royal Navy, 1943. An early Corsair from when the Royal Navy was the only user operating the type from carriers, this aircraft features white-outlined red code letters not separated by the roundel.

Corsair I Unit for FS-SDOE

Chance Vought Corsair Mk II 1850 squadron HMSVengeance

Corsair KD345, 130, 1850 Squadron, HMS Vengeance, 1945. Like one of the Barracudas above, this machine also hails from the light fleet carrier HMS Vengeance. Despite being a Royal Navy aircraft, it retains the US Navy high-gloss sea blue overall finish.

Corsair II Unit for FS-SDOE
60 Kb 

Chance Vought Corsair (F4U-4) (USN)
Known as the "Whistling Death" by the Japanese, the Vought "Corsair" shot down more than 2100 Japanese aircraft while losing 189.  To facilitate the oversized propeller of a 2,000-hp engine, the designers created the distinctive gull-shaped wings to support the landing gear. The "Corsair" gained fame under the fighting exploits of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's Black Sheep squadron (USMC).   By: Paul Kimberling


Blackburn Firebrand 
Blackburn Firebrand TF Mk4 from Brents and Guys Flight Simulator Site

Fairey FIREFLY 196K

Fairey Firefly Mk I 1770 

Squadron Fairey Firefly Mk-1 New all moving parts Firefly naval fighter. Represents an aircraft from 1770 Sqn. HMS Indefatigable, Jan.1945. By Piglet. 67 Kb 49 Kb 60 Kb

Fairey Firefly 

Fairey Firefly T.5 RAN (67Kb)Fairey Firefly AS.6 RAN (49Kb) Fairey Firefly T.7 RAN (60Kb) from Brents and Guys Flight Simulator Site

Gloster GLADIATOR 517767

Gloster Gladiator

Grumman HELLCAT 70K

Grumman Hellcat Mk I

Grumman Hellcat Mk.1 (F6F-3). Release V1.0 CFS Series Aircraft JV131 E-L was an 800 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm aircraft in Summer 1944 during the time Lee on Solent was involved in D-Day. 
110 Kb

F6F "Hellcat" (USN)
The Grumman "Hellcat" accounted for 75% of all US carrier-based aerial victories.   The Hellcat was designed to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of the Japanese "Zero".   The aircraft was a strong, rugged, all-around fighter capable of fighting at any altitude.   This Hellcat is part of The Fighter Collection and represents the colors of US Navy ace, Lt. Alex Vraciu who flew this aircraft.    Design by Paul Kimberling.    Art Work by Bernd Drefahl


Grumman Martlet Mk III 805 squadron
GRUMMAN MARTLET Mk.III 805th Sqn RN for Combat Flight SimulatorONLY! A representation of the plane of 805th Sqdn Royal Navy, flown by 1st Lieutenant W.M.Walsh, North Africa 1941-1942. Full moving parts plane with also operating arrestor hook and landing light. by Mauro Giacomazzi 

Grumman Martlet I 802 squadron

Martlet I flown by Sub-Lt Eric Brown, No. 802 Sqdn, FAA, HMS Audacity, 8 Nov 1941

Grumman Martlet I HMS Nairana 1944

Martlet JV706, Q-T, HMS Nairana, August 1944. The Grumman Wildcat was know as the Martlet in Royal Navy service during the Second World War and operated from both fleet carriers and, as in this case, from the much smaller escort carriers.

Martlet Unit for FS-SDOE 




Supermarine SEAFIRE

Supermarine Seafire 894 squadron

Seafire 6-T, 894 Squadron, Royal Navy, HMS Illustrious, September 1943. A fairly generic Seafire livery featuring the standard Royal Navy two-tone grey scheme which was applied to most of its carrier-based aircraft in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres.

Seafire Unit for FS-SDOE

Supermarine Seafire

CFS campaign in a Supermarine Seafire Squadron onboard the British Royal Navy's aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal in 1943. Includes the Seafire aircraft (a converted Spitfire).  By Steve Baugh.

Fairey SEAFOX 127595

Fairey Seafox

The Fairey Seafox as used by the Royal Navy aviators in the 1930s at Lee on Solent and other coastal Royal Navy Air Stations


Hawker SEAFURY 171424

Hawker Seafury FB Mk II 

802 squadronSeafury representing an aircraft from 802 Sqn. RN Original author Chris Lampard. Panel & gauges by Chuck Dome. (58 Kb)

Hawker Sea Fury (RAN)(RCN)
Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 RAN (41Kb) Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 RCN (58Kb) from Brents and Guys Flight Simulator Site

Fairey SWORDFISH Size: 106,767

Fairey Swordfish

CFS Swordfish Mk. I Torpedo Bomber. Entering service in 1936, the 'Stringbag' fought with distinction throughout the war as the Fleet Air Arm's front-line torpedo bomber. Features limited moving parts and accurate damage profile and armaments by Steven Lovass-Nagy. Size: 40,741

Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish Mk I 1934-1944 as used at Lee on Solent. Royal Navy single engine biplane torpedo bomber. The most effective Allied torpedo bomber of WW II, and the nemesis of the mighty German battleship Bismarck. This beautifully detailed model is capable of carrier operations. FSFS design by Peter Russell, conversion by Charles Parmelee 78 Kb

Fairey Swordfish
Fairey Swordfish (78Kb) 

Supermarine WALRUS (48 Kb)

Supermarine Walrus

Supermarine Walrus Mk.1 (48Kb) from Brents and Guys Flight Simulator Site


Westland Wessex FS-98

Westland Wessex HC Mk2 - by Graham "DOTCOM" Waterfield with assistance from Jim "DOC" Goldman and Robert"TURK" Kirkland (File size119139)

Chipmunk trainer DeHavilland DHC-1
Chipmunk By Pierre Ardichvili 


SEA HAWK FGA.6, Hawker (3.1MB)

De Havilland Vampire F Mk 3 for FS2000.

Includes panel,  sounds and full moving parts; undercarriage, ailerons, elevators, rudders, nosewheel steering and airbrakes. A new FSDesign Studio Pro, aircraft model and texture by Roger Hardy. Air file and panel by Simone Prattico, sounds by Mike Hambly. Best for fast PCs. 

Fly the aircraft from the aircraft carriers at sea




Neil Park's HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier


Aircraft Carrier and Escorts

Using Airport V2-65 these ships have been created in the English Channel east of the Isle of wight. Land your Fleet Air Arm aircraft on the aircraft Carrier and return safely.

CAM = Catapult Aircraft Merchantmen

This is a little mission in the Arctic waters. Your Hurricane is embarked on a CAM, a catapult adapted to a standard convoy ship. You are ready to intercept the long column of german bombers that daily attack your convoy. When done, you have no airport to land! You must splash near your convoy and hope to be rescued! Note: requires Setclass utility to splash on water without destroy your aircraft! By A Paoleschi



THE TARANTO RAID 1940 from HMS ILLUSTRIOUS. The Taranto Raid is what gave Yamamoto the idea and inspiration to attack Pearl Harbor, yet the to attacks differ. The British Carrier Illustrious used 21 Fairey Swordfish Torpedo Bombers (the Swordfish is a bi-plane) in a attack that lasted 2 days (the attack actually happened before 12:00 midnight, but lasted past that), and unlike Pearl Harbour, the Italians could never recover from the Attack on November 11 and 12, 1940. What is worst, 3 battleships, 1 cruiser, and 2 destroyers, half the Italian fleet, not to mention Italy's industry couldn't produce aircraft fast enough, so how could they replace the ships sunk. (125KB) James Sharpe


CFS campaign in a Supermarine SeafireSquadron onboard the British Royal Navy's aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal in 1943. Includes the Seafire aircraft (a converted Spitfire). Requires separate download of Neil Park's HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier from the The missions involve takeoff and landing on the aircraft carrier in a Seafire fighter. By Steve Baugh. 614K

RAF and FAA 1942 English Channel campaign. 16 mission campaign over the english channel in 1942 using Ernie Kennedy's battleship object libraries (included).Fairey Swordfish by P.Casey . By James Elwood 302K

NAVY OPS FOR CFS Naval Aviation sceneries for CFS website. Downloads includes two sets of US Naval Aviation Sceneries and US aircraft. One download includes two separated carrier groups, now with two realistic WW2 carriers each » New islands with airfields » Non Directional Beacons (NDB) » Moving fuelcar » Many nice 3D objects » Detailed "readme" file for easy installation 


See the Aircraft Battle Group download page of Scenery Hall of Fame which includes carrier history and free downloads of aircraft carriers and 33 US Aircraft carriers


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