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The Miles Master was an advanced trainer which was designed by Miles in the late 1930s. When the design was submitted to the Air Ministry it was thought to be premature. Nevertheless the type was developed as a private venture and the first prototype flew on 3 June, 1937. With no competition the Air Ministry ordered the type on 11 June, 1939, but requested lower-performance engines. This made it 70 mph slower than the fighters of the day. Even so, the type was regarded as the best training aircraft of its time. The first of 900 aircraft flew 31 March, 1939, and when production had ended a total of 3,227 aircraft of all versions had been built.

The Master served ultimately with the RAF, FAA, USAAF, Egypt, Portugal, South Africa, Turkey, and the Irish Air Corps.

The RAF transferred c200 Miles Master I to the Fleet Air Arm. The first arrived in February 1940 to 759 squadron (eg N7547), followed by other aircraft in September 1940. 759 squadron was the main recipient f the Master and had received all its auircraft by the end of 1940. The Fleet Air Arm gradually reduced its Masters and the last in 761 squadron, Master N7631, left in September 1944, and only one, W9018, continued as a ground instructional fuselage at Bramcote till 1948.
Fleet Air Arm history
        Miles Master
        Total FAA 1939-1945:        c200
        First delivered to RN:         1940
        First squadron 1939-1945:   759 1940
        Operational squadron:          None
        Last served with RN           1944, GI aircraft 1948
Aircraft Type:
Miles M.9A Master 
Primary Role:
First Flight: 
3 June 1937
Date operating with FAA squadrons:
One 715 hp Rolls Royce Kestrel 30 engine
 Wing Span: Length: Height: Wing Area: 
Empty Weight: Max.Weight:



700,715,718,719,736,740,748,759, 760,761,762,766,772,780,785,792,794,798.
Most 759 in 1940. Last 761 at bramcote 1948
Battle honours:
None with FAA
Additional references and notes:

Battle Honours and Operational History
None with the FAA

Surviving aircraft and relics
A number of Miles Master aircraft are still extant worldwide. Preserved aircraft or significant parts are to be found at the Miles Aircraft Collection (UK), the Real Aeroplane Museum (UK), the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum, Dumfries (UK). For further information refer to the website on Miles Airframes Believed To Be Still In Existance.

Associations and reunions
No information
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  Sturtivant, R. & Burrow, M (1995) 'Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1939 to 1945'  Published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1995 ISBN: 085130 232 7 
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