Miles M.18 Trainer 
The only M.18 assessed for the Fleet Air Arm, HM545 in 1941


The Miles M.18 monoplane primary trainer was a pre-war private venture intended to replace the Miles Magister. It was first flown in December 1938. Assessment of U-0224 the second M.18 prototype with a Gipsy Moth engine at the A&AEE Boscombe Down in May 1941 proved that handling was better than the Magister, and test pilots found it impossible to spin and it proved good at flying at night. It however was regarded as lacking robustness, althouhgh its brakes were praised.The Air Ministry decided not to put the type into production. Three more aircraft were built anyway.

The Royal Navy received only one Miles M.18 aircraft on short loan, Miles M.18 HM545, possibly for service trials. It was at 759 squadron in January 1941, and sent on to the CFS in February 1941.

Aircraft Type:
Miles M.18 
MILES M. 18 second prototype
Primary Role:
Service Trials
First Flight: 
December 1938
Date operating with FAA squadrons:
Gipsy major engine
Cirrus major engine
 Wing Span: Length: Height: Wing Area: 
Empty Weight: Max.Weight:
1,943 lbs



130 mph
12,800 ft
Battle honours:
Additional references and notes:
Mason, T (1998). The Secret Years, Flight Testing at Boscombe Down, 1939-1945. Hikoki Publications, ISBN: 0 951899 9 5

Battle Honours and Operational History
None with FAA

Surviving aircraft and relics

Airframes Believed To Be Still In Existance

Considering that only three were made, one Miles M.18 has survived. Thre only one in the world.

Miles M.18 Mk II C/N 4426 G-AHKY (HM545, U-0224, U-8) 1939

Miles M.18 trainer Mk.2 G-AHKY HM545 is preserved on display at the Museum of Flight at East Fortune Scotland. On 29 August 1946 the CoA was issued to this aircraft. Between 1976-1981 it moved from Blackbush to the Strathallan Collection, and then in 1981 wad sold by Christies for £3500 to SACT and delivered to Perth in 1981. It was noted as airworthy in 1983 but in 1989 the CoA expired and it went to East Fortune in April 1993  (source: Miles M.18 trainer).
Associations and reunions
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Miles Aircraft Production
Miles M.18 trainer 
Miles Aircraft Production A Summary of Miles Aircraft and their Histories 
Tim Mason (1998) Mason, T (1998). The Secret Years, Flight Testing at Boscombe Down, 1939-1945. Hikoki Publications, ISBN: 0 951899 9 5
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