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Official web site of the Fleet Air Arm Archive, 1939-1945, a non-profit site run independently of government or official museums.  This work is a thorough compilation of historical information, references, data, imagery and links concerning the Fleet Air Arm of the British Royal Navy. The Fleet Air Arm Archive is one the most comprehensive military and history sites on the Net, and was built over 2 years, following 35 years of research. It deals with the Fleet Air Arm of the British Royal Navy and Naval Aviation in the Commonwealth and around the World during World War II through almost 6000 files in 47 folders, and covering all naval air squadrons, aircraft and aircraft carriers and other ships in the war as well as a Roll of Honour and FAA Memorial Roll, and profiles of all the front line commanding officers and most decorated airmen and personalities. The Archive details links to associations, museums and research and media resources around the world, as well as a collation of online databases relevant to naval aviation.

The Fleet Air Arm Archive was created to perpetuate the memory of the men and women who served and died in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Commonwealth naval aviation forces 1939-1945, and to safeguard the RN naval aviation heritage through an online Archive,  building up living history knowledge and archiving, supporting museum conservation, promotion of books and the printed word, and using media and TV, as well as to launch campaigns to safeguard aircraft, ships and memorabilia of our common naval heritage across the Commonwealth.

The future of the Archive will strive to ensure that the FAA heritage is not lost, through assisting the RN, FAA Trusts, Museums, and families of the FAA veterans to preserve and safeguard our naval aviation heritage.

The Fleet Air Arm Archive was launched in April 2001 on the Anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm attack on the Tirpitz and shortly before the 60th Anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck. Information for the FAA Archive has been gathered over the past 35 years under the enthusiastic lead of the senior author and Director of the Archive, Graham R Falkner Drucker. The flame that ignited the passion for safeguarding our Fleet Air Arm Heritage stemmed from Graham's background as being nephew to Lt Cdr Roy S Baker-Falkner DSO DSC RN, who was a true FAA hero, veteran of the pre war FAA at the time when it was part of the RAF, serving on HMS Glorious in the Mediterranean. Baker-Falkner was a veteran of Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, a Naval Test Pilot, film star and Strike Leader of the famed attack which crippled the German Battleship Tirpitz prior to D-Day, yet on internet, in the Naval Aviation museums of the world and in his own country of origin Canada, Baker-Falkner has been all but forgotten.

The FAA Archive was launched to fill the significant gap in knowledge about the Fleet Air Arm and to spread the word and safeguard the knowledge about these heroic deeds of ordinary men and women for our grandchildren and the wider public around the world, and strives to maintain the fellowship of the veterans themselves and of their families into the future. The FAA Archive endeavors to uphold the eternal flame to safeguard this common heritage in the four corners of the Commonwealth, from Australia and New Zealand, to Canada, Africa, to Gibraltar, Malta and Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ceylon India, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Let it not be forgotten. The Fleet Air Arm Archive will forever be inspired by and dedicated to the eternal love of Naomi and Leslie for their beloved Roy Baker-Falkner.

Please help us maintain the Archive, donate to us today and help us keep our naval aviation heritage alive.

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